I've been realizing recently just how much I rely on aspiration to distinguish /k/ from /g/. It's really freaking me out, because I can barely tell apart [k] from [kʰ] in isolation—but in the middle of a word, it makes a *massive* difference.

^^ (unrelatedly, this tweet sounds like what you'd get from a Markov chain trained on Hacker News)

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After the latest update, Firefox crashes constantly when uBlock Origin is enabled, so I've had to turn it off temporarily. The web has immediately become unbearable—the quality-of-life that an ad blocker provides is *unreal*.

(There's no moral to this story, I'm just venting 🫠)

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What are you curious about w.r.t. algebraic effects & handlers? (Please RT for reach.)

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Turns out, my arcade stick works pretty well as a low-budget HOTAS throttle (stock photos below for context)

Spent the last day and a half (and counting) trying to understand a single proof from Lang's Algebra 🫠

in which @hillelogram@twitter.com makes me regret I can read

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An adult human male can feed 100 people a luxurious 1200 Calorie meal. Mickie Mouse's head:body ratio suggests he's nowhere near done growing. He'd probably taste like veal


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@andy_kelley@twitter.com @wilbowma@twitter.com “malloc()” << “free_you_later_allocator()”

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"Hi, my name is Joshua 'Concerto' Grosso"

Also discovered layouts recently, it's a gamechanger!

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Used `advice-add` in Emacs for the first time a few days ago... it's kinda cool, not gonna lie

@ Haskell Twitter: Has anyone else come across an error when building GHC 9.2.2, of the form "fatal error: 'primop-vector-uniques.hs-incl' file not found"?
More details here: reddit.com/r/haskellquestions/
I'm stumped, so any help is appreciated 🙃

Someone make a type theory that abbreviates to TMNTT, for the memes

The first email ever sent by a head of state was to announce a programming language! Sent by "HME2" (i.e. Her Majesty, Elizabeth II), it began "This message to all ARPANET users announces the availability on ARPANET of the Coral 66 compiler...."


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An old method of encryption was the Electronic Codebook (ECB). This is what it does to an image (or, more accurately, does not do).

Yeah, no one uses it anymore.

(Image credit: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_ci)

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AFAICT, the military loves gigantic acronyms ("Naval Special Warfare Command" becomes NAVSPECWARCOM, "United States Indo-Pacific Command" becomes USINDOPACOM, etc.).

Behold, AUSCANNZUKUS. It sounds like a parody, or a misspelling of "Arkansas."


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It's abbreviated to the NOAA OLE. What happened to "Fisheries"? No clue.

Also, Wikipedia warns, "Not to be confused with United States Fish and Wildlife Service Office of Law Enforcement." (I've got no abbreviation for that one.)

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