learning forth there's a large gap of available programs to learn from ranging from like "here's a calculator" to "here's an entire operating system"

a good example of what makes forth cool, an embedded brainfuck interpreter:

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I got a sewing machine, so I’m getting rid of my computer.

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more and more space in engineering-specific buildings being colonized by fintech venture blockchain accelerator disrupting startup pisscoin™ "like uber but for adderall" bullshit

leave me alone!!!

how to set up yubikey with gpg:

  1. download instructions to read offline; be sure to use a fresh, airgapped openbsd install. read "reflections on trusting trust". listen -- your roommate is tapping a sha256sum to you in morse code. put tinfoil on all your windows.

  2. dump some random shit into your .bashrc

  3. it does not work

good blog post on "can i work for a bad company and still be a good person?"


buying several expensive hardcover homotopy type theory textbooks that i will never read solely to press tofu

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poynting vectors? i thought all vectors did that

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For more on how acoustic gunshot detection devices endanger residents, disproportionately impact people of color, and invade our privacy, check out EFF’s issue page. eff.org/pages/gunshot-detectio

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i wish i could experience as much joy as bartosz milewski for drawing arrows between two circles of slightly different size


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