Grades done. A few Incompletes that I’ll have to deal with but otherwise the semester is behind me

What are some self-learning things I should look at this summer?

I want to learn more about eBPF, I want to do more Agda (perhaps work through PLFA), and I want to look at Alexis's math typesetting stuff. Mostly low stakes, for my own curiosity, stuff.

What else should be on the menu?

So I can’t post my coffee photos on here. I honestly believe that the inability to post videos is a good thing, at the same time I believe that my main contributions to the PL community are my videos…

“Yeah, my langauge supports singleton types”:

type Single where
() : Single

I got this account and immediately got COVID, so I forgot about it. But we’re back!

Gotta learn how to follow folks on other instances…

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