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let’s all take a moment to appreciate the semiotic beauty of the 🫶 emoji, a digital representation of a human body part creating a gesture to represent another human body part representing love

trying to learn how to write Visual Studio Code plugins, but the simplest example of TreeView (a building block for foldable trees in the sidebar) is a plugin that shows the current cr*ptoc*rr*ncy prices, so I don't want to star the repo and have it appear in my followers' feeds. :oof:

the fountain on campus is frozen. it looks so tempting, I just want to slide on it ⛸🛷

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How did I never realize that running a DFA on a string is described by a fold:

In functional programming terms a DFA consists of
1. A finite state type State
2. An initial state s : State
3. A transition function step : State -> Token -> State
4. A predicate accepts? : State -> bool

Then running the DFA on a string (toks : List Token) is precisely

accepts? (foldl toks s step)

got too excited and applied for a job at a certain code search company that also has a lot of editor plugins for integration etc.

it took them only 2 days to reject me :tiredcat:

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proposal to switch from egg store proximity to eggnog store proximity for the holiday season 🥚

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When your spouse asks you to pick up a white ceramic whale menorah at Target and you have to actually ask whether it’s for Hanukkah or Twitter social commentary.

But why not both?

“There were only enough microservices to last for one night, but they lasted for eight nights.”

seriously though, I'm hoping to finish grad school around September 2023 (or at least by the end of 2023) so I do need an industry job. I'm interviewing with a bunch of places already but given the job market right now, I probably should have alternative plans.

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I feel like I’ll be a lot happier just making PL/logic-related web apps for a living, instead of writing papers. someone hire me for this please 🤖 (or someone adventurous enough to make a new tool to sell)

if anyone is interested in collaborating on this and turning it into a real (research?) project, please let me know!

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seeing @joey's question about modal editing, I think modes should be used in more applications!

I experimented with writing a modal structure editor a while ago. I haven't publicly shared it before because it's not polished but it might be interesting to some:

*could “invent” recursion
(not mutation)

I said it right in the precept :blobcatpeek:

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teaching functional programming is always great fun. today in my precept we were talking about how mutation can “break” (actually doesn’t apply) theorems (e.g. map fusion) about functions which we implicitly assumed are total and pure. when I run an example with mutation in the REPL without spoiling the final point, you can see the surprise in their eyes. 😳

when I was an undergrad, I loved when profs digressed and started talking about some higher level concept, so I try to do a little bit of that with my students. talking about things that mutation can break unexpectedly, I told the students that if their language didn’t have recursion but had references, they could “invent” mutation! 🪢 (name dropped Landin’s knot too, after giving them a minute to figure it out)
they were surprised once again, one asked why a language might not have recursion, so I talked about why even in languages with recursion, defining your business logic in a function without recursion, and then isolating the recursion to a single spot can be a useful abstraction. some had more questions on that but we were out of time so I ended the precept with “look up recursion schemes!” 🍌🔍✉️➿

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