Found this on other account. Please boost for reach: Fedora Linux is focusing on accessibility for the next five years. I'd love to see people with disabilities, very much including blind people, comment on this. If you're interested in Linux, or free and open source software, your voices are valuable. I hope Fedora finds our voices valuable too.
#accessibility #linux #fedora #foss

On 16th March, 1968 Warrant Officer Hugh Thompson Jnr was flying helicopter reconnaissance for an attack on an alleged North Vietnamese-controlled village at My Lai.

As the ground attack developed below, Thompson realised he was in fact witnessing something something else:

A massacre.

He decided to act. /1 🧵 #history #histodons

#Zotero is hiring for a whole bunch of positions, including an accessibility dev, a new translator dev, and community expert:
Especially the latter two positions interact w a lot of the (volunteer) work I do, so would love for nice people to apply. Salary ranges are listed & seem quite competitive. Most of the jobs are open internationally.

Question for people using screen readers:

Assuming proper camel-casing was used, can your screen reader pick up on the difference between the #SuperBowl and #SuperbOwl hashtags?

Hello, world! We are the Programming Languages group at TU Delft. Our current members on Mastodon are @casperbp, @dennis, @virtlink, @liesnikov, @baboum, @casvdrest, @pdmosses, and @agdakx. Stay tuned to this channel to hear all the latest updates from Delft about #Spoofax, #Agda, #TypeTheory, #ModularLanguages, #WeakMemoryModels, and #ProgrammingLanguages in general. #introduction

One of my professors during PhD used to say “You can drive a truck through the holes in any given paper. So you look for what you *can* learn instead.” And being the smartass grad students we used to think driving that truck was fun. After so many years, I now appreciate her wisdom more than ever. All scholarly work has limitations but it’s refreshing when people critically evaluate what’s the actual value of the research. It's about humility, honesty, rigorous intellectual work.

Question for the CS Fediverse: We were talking in a meeting today about test coverage, design by contract, and ensuring you have "enough" tests to cover all of the interesting cases. We lamented that we (in the meeting) don't have good terminology to talk formally about how much of the input space you need to test to have sufficient coverage. Has anyone explored this idea? The notion of equivalence classes (in the input space or the state space) seems very relevant here, so I wonder if there's existing work with insights in that direction.

🗣️ to folks affected by tech layoffs

Woven Planet is hiring in Tokyo (also Bay Area and London), looking for compiler engineers and embedded engineers.

You like low-level details, programming languages, functional safety? Please reach out!

DMs open (here and Twitter).

You may have heard that Google laid off 12000 employees yesterday. I have created a Google Doc to crowdsource job openings and useful contacts for those 12000 employees. Please add anything you know of:

i was laid-off twice early in my career in very large reorgs / cost-cutting.

the thing that wld have been helpful for me to hear then was 'this is not abt you. you were a number on someone's spreadsheet. they wanted that number to go down by 1000 or 2000 or 10,000'.

so, to anyone who needs to hear that today:

it's not abt you. you did nothing wrong.

WELP i have been laid off, last day is Jul 28.. Let me know if you have build / release / systems engineering opportunities out there, bay area or remote.

Native Americans are asking The Apache Software Foundation, "…to take the necessary steps needed to express the ally-ship they promote so deeply on their website, to act in accordance with their own code of conduct, to “be careful in the words that [they] choose”, and change their name."

It'll be a big change, but IMO one that's necessary and overdue.


Hi, all! I'm Jonathan Schuster, and I'm a software engineer/computer scientist doing my best to help bridge the gap between industry and academia. My career mission is to give software developers knowledge and tools to help them reason about their programs.

Currently I work on backend systems in Google's cloud organization and help educate Googlers about software design.

Apparently there are people out there who think it's inappropriate to use Mastodon to talk about books you've written or promote projects you've worked on because it's marketing and self-promotion?

I am not one of those people. I implore you to write about the work you have done and the things you have made - I want to hear about that stuff!

Hi there! This is ACM, the world's largest computing society. As you might have noticed, we have opened not only our official #Mastodon account but also our own #instance!

Please consider joining, a community for #computing researchers & practitioners to connect & exchange ideas with each other, whether you are an ACM member or not.

You can use this link to join:

Spread the word with your friends and colleagues! Happy tooting!


Social networks are officially harder than rocket science

(I know cross-posting is gross, but I'm baffled that this whole thing is A Thing at a fancy school like CMU)

Hi, I'm sitting in a @SCSatCMU meeting, and the problem of women having no community is being discussed
This is a Real Problem
The one single thing that we have to help this is a weekly "empowering women" lunch


I don't care who controls what CMU budget, that is always going to be a goddamn mystery
But it's the end of the year
If there are any companies looking for a nice write-offable donation opportunity, they need literally like $25-30k to fund this every week for an entire year
It brings like 60 @SCSatCMU women together each week and really builds a community. A lot of women openly say that without a community they would have quit
So this is not a stupid lunch thing. It really matters
If anyone I know wants to pitch in on this, DMs open! 🙏♥️

(Actually does mastodon have DMs?)

RT plz?

The friendship paradox is the observation that most people have fewer friends than their friends have, on average.

There's a version of this for social media. For most people, the average post that shows up in their feed will have more boosts/likes/replies etc. than their own posts do.

Perhaps if more people knew about the friendship paradox, it would help them avoid online social comparison and all the ills that come with it.

@SteveBellovin I was deeply saddened to learn of Fred Brooks' passing the other day. He was a titan among computer scientists, and I'd be hard pressed to find more important reading for a software engineer than his No Silver Bullet The time he graciously joined my reading group's discussion of that paper will always be one of the highlights of my career.

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