I remember walking out of my high school civics class after reading a bunch of Supreme Court cases thinking “wow we really need to get rid of the constitution”

I better develop a good intuition for adjunction before I die

Enjoying reading proposals for @DSA_LosAngeles's upcoming convention. Sending positive vibes to everyone one who went through the effort of drafting a proposal <3

Critique of the Gotha Programme does not advocate labor time planning

this kind of smart, walkable, mixed-use urbanism that is illegal to build in many American cities

You shouldn't be allowed to engage in dumb bike shedding arguments about marxian terminology or chant random phrases you heard Ian wright say if you don't understand the basics of Capital.

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although the critique of Heinrich, Shaikh, etc that they incorrectly reduce marxism to political economy is on some level correct, it is also true that in its popular memefied form does harm to marxist discourse.

Can someone who knows more philosophy than me explain why logical pluralism isn't just obviously correct. After finishing lambek idk how any other position is tenable.

One thing I don't like about Marx's Inferno is the framing that Marx being influenced by the non-domination republican theories of freedom is incompatible with the readings that find a positive freedom reading in Marx

ngl just based on the name all this time I thought Dana Scott was a woman. I literally used she/her pronouns to refer to her when talking to one of my profs and they didn't bother to correct me. I'm dying of embarrassment

agda users and tweeting in unreadable latex. Name a more iconic duo I’ll wait.

The next person I hear say "aMeRiCa Is A rEpUbLiC nOt A dEmOcRaCy" will be bludgeoned to death.

Imagine a 'Pure' comonad. Is $$Pure \vdash Id \vdash IO$$ an adjoint triple?

social contract theory (derogatory)

Reading Marx's inferno and getting flashbacks to Bruno Leipold every time Roberts starts talking about the influence of republicanism on Marx

We need less post-leftists, and we need more proto-leftists. Where are all of the Chartists and Jacobins at?

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