Stew is such an underrated food, I mean you just throw a bunch of vegetables in a pot and boil it and end up with comforting deliciousness

Few joys come close to expelling the perfect coffee puck from an aeropress


I drink a lil hot chocy

yay, got funding for the next three even though i was way too late about it

gcc as a c compiler? nah, gcc as a more advanced linker

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its a bit wild that so many compilers use gcc just for linking

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don't mind me, just compiling gcc 4.4 for what i promise are sensible reasons

going to my happy place (reading logic papers) instead of working on what im paid to do


For the first time in my life I semi-regularly get complimented about conscious style choices

I wonder how long the beanbag will need to be in my room before my brain stops going "omg a beanbag" every time I walk in

Me: sends three slack messages and an email
My brain: welp, that was enough work for the day, time to shut down

Why does time have to start moving so much faster after midnight

I forgot just how long it can take to caramelize a large amount of onion

Bike - and I cannot stress this part enough - good

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