You know it's advanced avoidance when you're going to bed at a (relatively) normal time to not work on it when you'd normally stay up for hours convincing yourself that you're just about to start

I don't want to make slides I want to sleep for a week

Though this is still somehow better than what the professor suggested when we told him our project was turning into a giant flop - which would be to get up in front of the class and say we ran a regex on public GitHub repos

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whyyyyy do I have to get up and say we failed, we didn't even fail for interesting reasons it's literally just "if we had two braincells when coming up with it we would never have done it"

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yall have no idea how many lukewarm LLM takes I've saved you from

I feel like I really understand now why people call grad courses academic hazing

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the only people who I know who this isn't the case for are those who are not grad students or are planning on no longer being one

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it sure seems like everyone is straight up not having a good time rn

Like, when you're typing a command it shows a fuzzy finding list of all the commands so you can narrow it down to one you know, and *also* lists the aliases it has for convenient access next time.

Also the follow-key based menus will pop up a list of all the next actions plus descriptions!

And if all else fails there's an interface to search through all the possible editor commands with their normal buttons labeled! (Though it looks like some labels are missing here)

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I love the UX of the helix editor, like there are a bunch of shortcuts as in all modal editors but its like the design is such that just using it naturally teaches you what other shortcuts and functionalities are out there

sigh gonna have to get in front of a class and talk about why our project was a bad idea from the start, fun times

re: whinging 

I fundamentally do not understand the brains of people who find it productive to do pair work over a phone call

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how do I tell a project partner that no I never want to call to work on a project unless its something that we specifically need to discuss/work out together

I wonder if this has anything to do with why I've started sleeping in so much

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Really excited to have a nice restful sleep so I can wake up to another day of desperately forcing my brain to focus on these stupid bullshit projects instead of any actually interesting research work

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I wonder what it's like to not feel like you have something that you should be working on, or should start working on right after you get groceries or right after you wake up and have breakfast or

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luv 2 constantly burn myself out by always stressing about work and not letting myself relax

I've unfollowed too many people on Twitter and now I have no idea who the subtoots are about

I'm not sure why "prompt injection" is considered some kind of attack on LLMs, I mean the whole use case is based around the the user feeding prompt text!

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