@b0rk ciechsnowskis' mechanical watch and internal combustion engine are also amazing... ciechanow.ski/mechanical-watch

Want to understand the landscape of gradual typing? Greenman, Dimoulas, and Felleisen have written a 50-page TOPLAS opus on typed-untyped interactions. See blog post, then follow link to paper to read directly from the masters.

Finally had a chance to read through it.

This is the best documentation to get started with Nix flakes 👍
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We’re thrilled to announce Zero to Nix, a new learning resource for Nix 👍! It's built to be beginner friendly 🧑‍🔬 and to generate those shining "a-ha!" moments that make technology stick ✅.


Read more in our announcement post:


Why is it hard to send documents over email to Buddhists? 

They discard attachments

Say Hello to Ivory. We are now available to all on Apple’s App Store! We have launched as “Early Access” because we still have a lot of exciting plans ahead of that will make Ivory even better. Go download it, try it free for 7 days, and experience it for yourself!


Considering whether I should publish this to crates.io or whether I should let Rust as we know it survive.

26 programming languages in 25 days: I solved #AdventOfCode using a new language (or two) each day: awk, TeX, C, Java, MATLAB, C#, Ruby, Julia, bash, vimscript, C++, R, JavaScript, Erlang, Go, Python, Standard ML, PHP, Common Lisp, TypeScript, sed & bc, Lua, Haskell, Scala, Racket.

I've blogged thoughts on the strategy, tactics and logistics of using a language per day if you're interested in trying a “breadth-first search" of PL space: matt.might.net/articles/26-lan

Merry Christmas 🎄Great to see that Don Knuth's Annual Christmas Lecture is back after the pandemic break youtu.be/zg6YRqT4Duo

Day 11 of was more of Maths than programming (but then programming is Maths, innit!). Also, nom is interesting but lacks the elegance of Haskell parsers

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I’m interested to learn more about #activitypub and maybe work on a #unisonlang library for it. I have this idea of like “Yahoo pipes for ActivityPub”, where you could write these little widgets “Subscribe to feeds from these 9 sources, then strip out posts with these keywords, republish as a new feed”. And then that feed could be used as a basis for further composition. Is this possible?

NSFM - Not Safe For Mastofans 

Mastodon is boring till now as everyone is only talking about Mastodon. On the other hand at Twitter most of folks have moved past Musk obsession & are now back to interesting posts

Unpopular opinion: I don't think the "federated" nature of Mastodon will be successful in the long term.

Why? The federated nature of the microblogging system is wonderful in theory. It liberates data siloing and protects against a single person wrecking havoc (I would not have bet on this being a major threat until now). However, the federated nature of the system makes the system necessarily more complex and pushes the system administration responsibilities to the server owners.

Really enjoyed this piece on building a Byzantine fault tolerant CRDT library in Rust


It's also a really great intro to CRDT theory in general

"I write this blog post mostly as a note to my past self, distilling a lot of what I’ve learned since into a blog post I wish I had read before going in." - the best kind of blog post!

What's similar to feature in ? I got real value of that feature in as I like to know which chamber is not echoing as much as I would like them to.


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