Pixel would like to speak to the manager about the portion sizes at dinner.


realized I have started using my ta voice at home when I asked my partner to do something a certain way and followed up with "makes sense?" oop

ironically some of the letters are repetitive and that's fucking me up

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the real reason it's taking me so long to makr these milestones is it takes me 2-3 attempts to write "repetitive"

loving the roast of coq today on twitter lmao u go ryan

@justinfrank @koronkebitch Oh sorry, I don't have my glasses on; That's the [checks notes] lambda-bar-mu-mu-tilde calculus

@wilbowma If Racket is giving you an error message, consider reading that message.

@koronkebitch "Repeat after me: left paren, operator, operands, right paren. That's all the syntax! Now go away."

If they persist in asking more questions, just say, "It's all homoiconic, what more do you need to know" and stroll out trailing parentheses.

definitely on me tho but I felt so bad 😭 students roping me into long ass questions
maybe next week I say I answer no syntax questions lmaooo

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fml accidentally stayed FORTY MINUTES after the end of my office hours, the students are RUTHLESS

@wilbowma Racket's commitment to backwards compatibility is a superpower

looking for ideas for my second knitting project and there's something so captivating about this one... i want it

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