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I'm happy to share my latest pub with @michaelzimmer, "Power, Stress, and Uncertainty: Experiences with and Attitudes toward Workplace Surveillance During a Pandemic." This was just published in Surveillance & Society and is open access.

Quick 🧵 on what we found.

The student loan stuff in the US blows my mind. I've personally watched several folks celebrate by doing things like buying cars, etc.. Now they just got $10k more debt obligation the president assured them they wouldn't have to pay!?

We're looking for some huge LLVM bitcode files (to analyze using things that read LLVM bitcode as input). We're aware of things like gllvm, but I saw there were some efforts to have the Linux kernel spit out LLVM--did this ever happen?

I am consistently surprised at how small of a formalization will net you a PLDI paper. I often browse these artifacts and think they don't look much bigger than the projects in my grad courses, and the theorems almost never have anything beyond standard induction with some helper functions. It seems that just doing *something* in this space is enough, often..

it seems like every successful research program roughly follows that old adage "I don't have to outrun the bear, just you."

How disingenuous is it to attract students to my course on theorem proving by telling them to think about all of the real-world job skills they'll get practicing with tableaux?

I am seeing a scary amount of anti Ukrainian sentiment coming from Americans who want to sit on their ass and complain about the national debt. Tons of people here who want to “both sides” things.

Every fall Syracuse lets me teach a small grad course on whatever I want.The kicker is that students actually have to enroll. Next Fall I'm doing: "Modern symbolic AI and automated reasoning."

Really pleased to have pushed out of beta. 130+ videos about #ocaml dating back to 2010 (and would like to get more historical ones) all available via PeerTube/ActivityPub.

i saw something today on reddit that really made me think:
you need to be 25 to rent a car, but only 18 to rent a UHaul.

one thing i really do not get as a faculty as how some deadlines are just *extremely* flexible. Like there are reports I have been delinquent on for six months, I get on a zoom call with someone today who emphasizes that this is totally okay, and that I should even add 2-3 months to my assumption of when I *think* i will get them done.

For the first time in my whole time teaching I have a student routinely come to office hours and ask deep questions, after fully-completing the assignments (early!), to dig into the hardest aspects of them, in a very genuine way that is not really show-offy at all.

something i really struggled to find in my programming was a language you could use to help you think--i never found that with anything as much as scheme / racket, although, crucially, with ML-style matching.

Just a piece of trivia for you all: Kenny Chesney's video "How Forever Feels" features his then-fiancé, who later broke up with him, after which he swore off including his romantic partners in his music videos. Harder to get a bigger self-own than that.

I just hit my 1-year anniversary at @fission, and I've still barely come to terms with the fact that in the past year I've gone from sneaking off to read blog posts about type theory between Jira tasks, to having a job †hat explicitly involves reading papers that look like this.

I'm so grateful they took a chance on me, despite not having any professional or academic experience in the things I wanted to do here 🥹

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