oh no please send help im in the nix world again but this time with haskell source plugins and i dont understand anything 😭​

As one does, I gave up.

I'm sorry graphmod-plugin and haskell-nix-plugins. I'm sure you work for someone.

In the meantime I can drop into a shell with regular graphmod and get the info I need.


In the meantime, if someone knows how to generate module graphs painlessly for a package build with cabal2nix, I'm all ears

Like, the setup I have is dead simple:
let defpkgs = <pinned nixpkgs rev>
in {nixpkgs ? defpkgs}: nixpkgs.pkgs.haskell.packages.ghc922.callCabal2nix "packageName" ./. {}

And then shell.nix is essentially
let pkg = import defpkgs.nix {}
in pkg.env

I suppose the simplicity is why I keep thinking generating module visualization should be easy here

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