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Hello, world! We are the Programming Languages group at TU Delft. Our current members on Mastodon are @casperbp, @dennis, @virtlink, @liesnikov, @baboum, @casvdrest, @pdmosses, and @agdakx. Stay tuned to this channel to hear all the latest updates from Delft about #Spoofax, #Agda, #TypeTheory, #ModularLanguages, #WeakMemoryModels, and #ProgrammingLanguages in general. #introduction

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Trying out a web client for mastodon @phanpy by @cheeaun and it's just sooooo pleasant 💞

I love-love-love colour-coded boosts and overall it's just so clean.

Definitely the best website I've seen in a few weeks

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And you have a conversation with someone
And they seem to undestand
And they wish you "relaxed and festive holidays"
And you go along with your day counting the explosions in Kyiv this morning

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Computer-assisted proofs, tired: coq, lean, isabelle
Computer-assisted proofs, wired: G A L A C T I C A ™️

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Niki and Wouter interviewed me on the Haskell Interlude podcast, the episode is out!


In the meantime, if someone knows how to generate module graphs painlessly for a package build with cabal2nix, I'm all ears

Like, the setup I have is dead simple:
let defpkgs = <pinned nixpkgs rev>
in {nixpkgs ? defpkgs}: nixpkgs.pkgs.haskell.packages.ghc922.callCabal2nix "packageName" ./. {}

And then shell.nix is essentially
let pkg = import defpkgs.nix {}
in pkg.env

I suppose the simplicity is why I keep thinking generating module visualization should be easy here

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As one does, I gave up.

I'm sorry graphmod-plugin and haskell-nix-plugins. I'm sure you work for someone.

In the meantime I can drop into a shell with regular graphmod and get the info I need.

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oh no please send help im in the nix world again but this time with haskell source plugins and i dont understand anything 😭​

Another meta-observation on fediverse incoming.

This isn't my first attempt to get rooted in fediverse, but the first one that feels less like a niche for people already interested in fedi on its own and more like a new general-public platform.

And in that way, this is the first "general public" social network experience I'm participating in that's not corporate-owned.

While others have mentioned very welcomed lack of *the algorithm*, what makes my spider-senses tickle is the lack of a walled garden.

In a sense that the previews of the posts are pretty good when you post a link to a toot elsewhere. Links themselves aren't forwarded through some corporate-owned link shortener. Instances don't block you from viewing a post and responses if you don't have an account.

This surprised me but also spoke for the fact that while I thought I was aware of the dark patterns of walled-gardens, it still "got to me".

So the change of pace is very refreshing and welcome.

hey-hey, I'm new on this instance! Currently doing a PhD at TU Delft w/ @agdakx at PL group. Mostly working on surface-level features of dependently-typed languages.

In the past I've done some work with (Meta)Coq and Iris, but not so much these days. I also was in the industry for a little while.

Your fellow Ukrainian 🇺🇦.
In my previous life I was into experimental music and typefaces, but these days your chances of finding me on a weekend are highest at a protest.


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