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The only software engineering design pattern I know is NRH which stands for Nonfunctional Rewrite in Haskell

wait that makes too much sense and/or no sense at all. I now suspect that a dot above an operator means "lift this operator pointwise"

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I forgot to mention that the paper is written in a highly abbreviated Haskell/math hybrid because they wanted to use the state monad in their metatheory lol. This is notational performance art and I am HERE for it

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I'm too PL syntax brained-- I was looking for what the weird circle operator was but I think it might just be function composition 🤦‍♀️

this is what happens when you have triangles and diamonds everywhere smdh

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oh. it's because they define it in the future. interesting.

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this goddamn paper. there's a dot above one of the operators and I cannot find if/where they define what it means

Also mentally counting my burnt soup as "smoked"

Today's a big day for cognitive dissonance in the de Medeiros basement

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Mentally counting "I discovered the next 10 pages are irrelevant to my project" as "I implemented 10 pages of the paper today"

I'm like, also vaguely trying to come up with any other measures I can use to differentiate groups A and B, because I got really great vibes from both. So

C) those are both fine and you should think about X instead

is also acceptable.

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All other factors aside, which group is better suited for a PhD?

A) Closer alignment to my interests, or

B) Broader scope of my interests covered

going to visit days is fun and stuff but I think I'll probably just flip a coin

DELTA: There's Been a Change To Your Upcoming Trip

No actually delta that flight was cancelled two days ago but I do appreciate the timely email and subsequent heart attack

help me I've forgortten a word

Sometimes terms are well-typed because only well-typable terms are representable in some data structrure. Other times, ill-typed terms can be represented in the data structure but they never show up, either by a definition or because it's the output of some other compiler pass which preserves well-typedness.

what's the word delineating these two cases??? Is there a word???

good lord I think I drank the equivalent of like 6 or 7 cups of coffee today

on an unrelated note I rewrote the entire model

The final offer: $1350 per seat

And to think, people weren't willing to wait like 8 hours for $1300. I literally cannot imagine that.

I wonder if you could make money just by flying overbooked delta flights. It seems like a fun way to gamble.

jesus fucking christ I should have booked this earlier flight

they're up to max($600 + breakfast, highest offer) to probably just take the flight I'm on later

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