Interesting emacs guide from Zainab (not on 🐘 AFAIK) Maybe you'll find it interesting @otfrom and other people?

http4s-1.0 milestone 

http4s-1.0.0-M39 is out. It's the dev line, with the production fixes from 0.23.18.

This one is binary compatible with the last milestone, but if you need the satellite repos rereleased, speak up here:

#Scala #Typelevel #http4s

Is there any systematic literature on Agda-like telescopes? There seems to be a fascinating interleaving of caller and callee determined evaluation at the point(s) of application. I'd love to see detailed discussion of this.

RT @ScalaCon
In their talk at ScalaCon, @r_piotrow and @milessabin gave a brief overview of GraphQL, then showcased the Grackle GraphQL server, explaining how it can be used and how it compares to other solutions.

Watch the full presentation at
@GraphQL #scala

. a week ago @ckipp and I were granted maintainer rights to tree-sitter-scala repo, and later too. three of us have been hacking on this, having fun, and learning a lot along the way. via 's TS support we get to use the result immediately

it now parses 100% of 2 stdlib, and Dotty is in 70s. here's a PR for SIP-44 fewer braces support

TIL: both Z3 and CVC5 have webassembly builds. Does anyone know what performance is like relative to native?

The following http4s integrations are in need of a maintainer:

- http4s-async-http-client
- http4s-boopickle
- http4s-dropwizard-metrics
- http4s-okhttp-client
- http4s-tomcat

I'm trying to narrow my focus, but I will happily assist anyone who steps forward on these.

#http4s #Scala

Oooh! Go to type definition just landed in metals 🎉​

In 2022 I stopped spending my free time on things that are not fun and instead spend my free time on things that are very fun. I resolve to keep doing this kind of thing.

Since the most creative people I know on social media are on the #fediverse, creators should submit abstracts about their web-based art projects to this CFP for the Creative Web track of The Web Conf:

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