I began asking ChatGPT for parenting advice. Honestly, I'm an AI convert now. This blows me away. This is so helpful.

While acknowledging Japan is truly next-level, NYC public transit is great! I normally only use subways, and haven't used buses on the daily since childhood. But they're really great, too!

I should have thought of this earlier, but I now have a burning desire to put funny onesies on this kid. I wish I had an LLVM onesie or knew where to buy one, now that I work with LLVM on a daily basis again.

GitHub issue/pull request activity notification emails: no background color, renders as white text/black background when using email client dark mode 💯

GitHub workflow notification emails: uses styling to render as black text on bright white background, regardless of email client light/dark mode 🤬

Whenever Safari attempts to open an application link, it prompts "Do you want Safari to open SomeApp.app?" Is there any way to avoid this prompt & just default to "Yes" for specific applications? I appreciate Safari's mindfulness here but it adds a lot of friction to some of my workflows.

Unfortunately I didn't end up giving this away -- everyone who expressed interest backed out or didn't respond. It's still hanging around at my place but now that I'm busier, it's unlikely I'll get around to unloading it anytime soon 😩

Really feels like a "butler" or "Jeeves" emoji ought to exist -- something that looks like the Jenkins CI server logo 🤵‍♂️

I keep forgetting that I can like whatever I want on this website, and it won't show up on all my followers' timelines. That rules!! I need to unlearn 3-4 years of "never like anything" behavior from Twitter.

Computers should get smaller and thinner. This is driving the wrong way down a one-way street

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Lord help me, they may just be right. That being said they COMPLETELY missed me with the Mac Pro and its absolutely ridiculous price band, so hopefully they price this so high that I'm not tempted to buy it at all mastodon.social/@markgurman/10

Power On: Apple says consumers are willing to “stretch” to get the best iPhone possible. So the company is working towards an even higher-end Ultra model for as early as 2024 in addition to adding more exclusive features to the Pro Max. bloomberg.com/news/newsletters

Is there a convenient way to load TextMate grammars (the JSON files that VS Code plugins use to define regex-based syntax highlighting) in Vim?

Is there a Vim plugin that can interpret TextMate grammar JSON? Or is there a tool that can convert TextMate grammar JSON to Vim `syn` commands?

Prove me wrong: please recommend a bar/restaurant in Mountain View. I loved going to The Old Pro in Palo Alto back when it was open, similar casual vibes would be welcome.

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Why does every restaurant in the Bay Area look and taste the same

Assuming the weather complies, I'm getting on a plane tomorrow. I think it's the first time I'll be on a plane since December 2019! 😱

Nice: Apple no longer even sells the M1 MacBook Pro on their website. After the debacle with last year's M2 MacBook Pro, I'm glad that they're simplifying their lineup. (Although IMO they shouldn't even bother selling last year's M2 MBP. Every single reviewer seems to have said that there isn't a single reason to buy the machine, and they instead recommend buying the M2 Air or the M1 MBP -- advice that I agree with.)

Wait, this has been available on FaceTime for *years*?! How did I not know about this?? If Zoom has this feature I will be over the moon.

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