When I worked at Facebook, they vended a version of VS Code to all employee laptops. As a result, I wasn't surprised to see the error message "Your Code installation appears to be corrupt. Please reinstall" about 1/3rd of the time I opened it.

What surprises me is that today, on a completely personal laptop, I still frequently see that error message.

Thankfully I use Vim most of the time, and only open VS Code when required. Poorly functioning tools depress and demotivate me, but Vim almost never disappoints.

@modocache that’s wild, I’ve never seen that message despite using it as my daily driver

@lazerwalker Huh, weird! Thankfully I know I'm not alone, because I looked online and found others. This is just the first example I found:

@modocache oh, yeah, I absolutely believe you! It’s just so weird, I wonder what the repro conditions are that make it consistent for a large group of people and nonexistent for another

@lazerwalker @modocache I've been curious of this too, because ran into this consistently (every couple months) back on my old mac, and have not run into it since on my new one...

@lazerwalker if I had to guess, it's extensions. Or maybe even locally installed extensions, as opposed to ones installed the in the marketplace. Either way, it's one of half a dozen reasons why I plan on retiring before I ever start using VS Code 😅

@modocache Which is also interesting, because the way extensions can cloud sync would explain how it could be an issue that follows you from machine to machine

@modocache (I legitimately love using VS Code, but I imagine I'd feel differently if my primary language these days was anything other than TypeScript)

@lazerwalker I'll keep that in mind, as I occasionally write TypeScript. I find a lot of Code's behaviors with tabs & panes frustrating, and anything language-specific I can use language servers to augment Vim. Is there anything in particular about Code & TypeScript that you find amazing? I remember JSON configuration file autocompletion was big for me, and I don't know which standalone language servers exist for that.

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