"Think Facebook is evil? Think again: there's actually money involved, so it must be good."

This is the original call for adoption for our lovely dog Ellie, from Muddy Paws Rescue, in 2018. It's hard to imagine life before we met Ellie!

Hooray! Got the MacPro1,1 operational. Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz, with 3GB of memory, and an NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT.

My spring cleaning crown jewel is finally getting rid of an old 1st generation Mac Pro. If you're a "vintage computer" kind of person, you can come pick this baby up in the NYC area for free. Otherwise, sorry to say, it's getting recycled.

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Today is not only New Year's Eve, it's also our dog's 4th adopt-a-versary! She's now around 10-12 years old. She's a loving old lady!

Apple trackpad gripes 

My `Trackpad > More Gestures > Swipe between pages` gesture keeps getting reset to "Off" every few days, no matter how many times I set it to "Scroll Left or Right with Two Fingers"... why

I think it might be time to make a change in terms of what I use for note-taking/planning. What I've used in the past:

2018-2021: quip.com -- loved it, but its mobile application was slow and buggy at times.

2021: DropBox Paper -- felt like a Quip clone at the time, but I enjoyed its UI.

2021: obsidian.md and roamresearch.com -- very heavyweight applications, poor performance at times, and some behaviors I found very unintuitive.

2021-present: Apple Reminders and Notes -- I enjoyed that these apps were pre-loaded on my OSes, but I'm beginning to become disillusioned. For one thing, it's annoying to use one app for my schedule/to-do list, but another for notes, since those activities go hand-in-hand for me. But most of all: the way folders are displayed in the sidebar in Notes is just absolutely bonkers, brain-bending stuff. Like, how does the screenshot make any sense at all: each folder in the sidebar displays a number indicating how many notes are in that folder, but, not the sum of all notes in folders nested within that folder. So my "Other" folder has zero notes in it, and none are displayed when I click on it, even though its sub-folders "Projects" and "Work" have 8 notes in them. I just... I can't use this anymore.

I need to re-evaluate. I'm very open to recommendations right now, if you have something you love!

C compiler trivia 

The texts of C18 6.10.2p3 is pictured. Interesting (to me) note: all compilers I tested just check if `foo.h` exists relative to the including file, but they don't check whether the `foo.h` at that location is readable before preprocessing it.

So, lets say you have a readable `/usr/include/stdio.h` on your local filesystem, and a file named "stdio.h" in a different directory that is your current working directory. If you `sudo chmod a-r ./stdio.h`, then use a C preprocessor on a file in that directory with `#​include "stdio.h"` in it, preprocessing will fail.

I just think this is sort of interesting, because AFAICT the standard doesn't necessarily forbid a compiler from attempting to open the file `./stdio.h`, and if it can't, falling back to `/usr/include/stdio.h`. But I haven't find a compiler that does this.

Being unemployed, I'm back on my bullshit: comparing C compilers. I'm kind of surprised that GCC is the only one that produces an error message that visually displays both lines when \ splicing occurs.

Eye contact 

The previously most hardcore programmer (GitHub profile pic attached below) has been unseated

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I didn't know where else to turn for code review, so I asked the most hardcore programmer in the house

If I apply to all of my dream jobs, then I'll either get one and be living the dream, or I'll get none, and therefore possess an excuse to work on whatever side project I want.


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