I have a feeling I must have made a mistake when cleaning my 3rd-generation AirPods, or maybe I got them wet at some point, and this caused their output volume to be dramatically reduced.

I didn't notice immediately, but in this past month I've noticed that, even at full volume, I can barely hear spoken word audio. I have an older paid of AirPods Pro that I now use instead most of the time.

Can anyone comment on what may have happened? Also, what recourse I have? I've been thinking that I'll just replace these with the latest-generation AirPods, once those are released, but I'm worried that the same problem may eventually occur.

@asb Bucketing based on date! I like it, I might try this out. Thanks!

I absolutely love taking notes and organizing my thoughts. Over the years I've tried many different software applications for doing so, and many of them implement a nested directory structure, similar to a traditional filesystem. But I have yet to devise a scheme for organizing notes within this structure.

For example, I usually keep a document explaining how I've configured each of my computers -- what software I have installed and why, etc. And I have a note on what's going on in my garden, what I've planted, what I've tried in the past and how it went, etc. I don't know what directories each of these notes should exist in.

"From Organizations to Individuals: Psychoactive Substance Use By Professional Programmers"


@krzyzanowskim I'm honestly not sure I wield that kind of power 😅 If you're signed up then you'll definitely get in eventually

@krzyzanowskim All in due time -- you didn't highlight the "yet" in that sentence! :)

Super exciting that Modular's new programming language, Mojo🔥, has been announced! It's been an amazing privilege to work on this. Learn more about it here! github.com/modularml/mojo

I'm excited for Modular's launch tomorrow 9AM PT / 12PM ET. It'll provide some details on what I've been working on as part of an amazing team: modular.com

"Think Facebook is evil? Think again: there's actually money involved, so it must be good."

I had my fingers positioned off by one when at the keyboard just now and typed what I think could be a new Australian word for "window": wundie

Lazyweb: does each new programming language require its own CSmith-like program generator in order to fuzz?

I'm pretty out of the loop when it comes to this stuff, but for example, YARPGen is a program generator for fuzzing C/C++ compilers. To fuzz, for example, Julia, would one need to write yet-another generator, JuliaGen? And for Rust, yet yet another?

Or is there some sort of reusable component that can be used to generate programs based on some definition of the language's syntax?

@BartWronski Oh wow, thanks for the heads up! Maybe I'll keep the children inside...

Also: how did I not realize you were in New York? I was planning on interviewing at Nvidia before taking my current position, I didn't realize they had other employees here.

One thing that Zoom definitely does: automatically enter full screen mode when someone starts presenting content. I'd love to disable that, too.

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@Halle I think I had to enable that for screen sharing, unfortunately. But I'll take a closer look to see if I can't restrict its access further... thanks!

Not sure if I'm imagining things, but: does Zoom steal window focus on macOS? I feel like sometimes it'll pop up out of nowhere, and I usually notice it's when someone who hasn't been speaking in the meeting suddenly pipes up. I really want to disable this.

@lazerwalker I'll keep that in mind, as I occasionally write TypeScript. I find a lot of Code's behaviors with tabs & panes frustrating, and anything language-specific I can use language servers to augment Vim. Is there anything in particular about Code & TypeScript that you find amazing? I remember JSON configuration file autocompletion was big for me, and I don't know which standalone language servers exist for that.

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