re: selfie, kinda ec, boosts recommended, dangerous amounts of pink 

@deletescape very pink and very cute :3

sith dogs be like 

come to the bark side



@ratsdontcry masto won't let me upload a 11kb plaintext file, got any suggestions for where to put it with minimal setup?

@ratsdontcry I still have that sorted list around and I give copies out to people who might meet people questioning their gender

it's already made one baby maybe-trans very happy that I know of

what I did was basically this:
1. grab the latest census data for Finland (where I am), which has two lists of first names and the number of people who have them as legal names (one list for legally-men, another for legally-women)

conveniently, the name change system is set up so that if a name is present on the list corresponding to your legal gender marker at the time of applying, they don't do any kind of gatekeeping - a tiny fee, a little wait, no questions asked

2. then I used those to make a list containing only the names that were present on *both* lists, and the counts for each, and the bigger of the two counts divided by the smaller one (a "neutrality multiplier", if you will)

here's a semi-random example off the list (not my name):
"Muisto, 39 men, 46 women, 46/39=1.179"

3. then I sorted the list by the result of that division and picked through the top to find one I liked

because it's present in the list corresponding to my legal gender marker, I got the change done quick and cheap, and because it's also in the other list with a similar count this information isn't enough to even confidently guess what that gender marker is (or whether I've changed it since)

...therefore achieving a gender-secrecy preserving name! It made perfect sense at the time

@amandag it is clearly an upward pointing arrow. a trarrow

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There is currently a petition for Universal Base Income in Europe, on the website of the European Commission. It would be nice if you could sign it (assuming you're European), and share it.

@haskal no clue but whoever it was they cast that vote within seconds of the poll going up

Is the phrase "friend-shaped" friend-shaped?

obfuscated javascript code, screenreader-hostile 

@hazel javascript be like


coffee, selfie, eye contact, boosts ok 

doing hot enby shit (drinking a normal person amount of coffee)

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