a concerted effort to create idiomatic rust wrappers for the api of everything provided in the default Ubuntu install

"Right," the doctor said, "what seems to be the issue?"
"Well... I used to have psychic powers."
"I could re-heat my coffee, or move the cup to me if I put it down somewhere else. Now I can't."
"Would it require you to focus your mind?"
"Are you following the news?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

today I'm thinking a lot about APIs and how we communicate types over typeless boundaries (JSON, etc)

thanks to quantum physics the world is discrete, no more need for that pesky calculus

Hi folks! We're norae, @norae@plural.cafe, and we're here to talk about Rust! Rust rust rust. And also other languages; we actually have a relatively small repertoire.


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