@aurynn @doofus_canadensis yeah it got enabled in tooot a few weeks ago i think — i wouldn’t mind a ‘fetch whole thread’ button honestly (assuming it respected blocks, etc) bc sometimes the extra context is helpful (trying to figure out if that question has been answered 100 times already, etc) but on average its made my fedi experience less pleasant

Folks are treating the recent tech layoffs as something spontaneous. They were not. Apparently the current layoffs were orchestrated by hedge funds.

This hedge fund demanded that the big tech companies lay people off because they were being paid too much. Let that one sink in: a hedge fund manager saying that you're being paid too much.

Note that TCI is demanding that Google lay off more people.

the tech layoffs aren't spontaneous.

they come from activist hedge funds such as TCI Fund.
those funds have directors.
those directors have names and assassination coordinates.

Locking down on the other site b/c talking about white supremacy offends so many. And vile emails I just got while giving a Faculty Dev. workshop on anti-oppression in small group teaching.

Psst: I'm not Amy Tan, author of The Joy Luck Club, ppl know that right? Love her work, but I'm not her.

for whatever reason, the u-config author and contributors are dissatisfied with disparaging pkgconf on hacker news blogs, and have just moved on to outright lying about pkgconf in source code comments. sigh.

i have banned everyone involved from the github. i'm tired of this. stop interacting with me. that includes lying about my code having bugs it does not. it's that simple.

medieval german miners, open for high-quality copper ores 

fooled you! get kupfernickel'd >:^D


LibraryPunk - Web Archiving and Social Media feat. Jessica Ogden and Katie Mackinnnon 

This week we have two researchers to talk about web archiving, its politics, its goals, and how web archiving is often mobilized to address problems it really can’t help. We’re talking Tumblr and GeoCities, Twitter’s feared implosion, Internet Archive, and the space to mourn our platforms and communities.

feat @jessogden (and Katie Mackinnon seems not to be on the Fediverse 😅)


#Podcast #Literadicast

What a disaster US policing is.

Across the feed tonight I'm seeing the case of Jason Kloepfer.

He was injured by North Caroline police after he awoke to cops at his door. He followed orders and came out with his hands up, his partner at his side following suite.

That was his crime.

Cops almost killed a man over coming out with his hands up.

#USPolice #ACAB #JasonKloepfer #northcarolina #Robotics

Seeing a black cat is actually good luck because you got to see a cat.

customer: meow hehe
dmv: omgggg . are those characters allowed?
verdict: approved

plate: bun :)

Two adults on one e-cargo bike, coming home from cat-sitting for a friend. 🐈 🚲

Just because "not everyone can ride a bike" doesn't mean we shouldn't design urban infrastructure to enable those that can't or don't choose to use a car.

A friend asked me why someone told them that "types are not sets" today. Thought of 3 different explanations depending on what the other person was talking about:

1. Types are primitive notion in type theory and are more analogous to sorts than sets in axiomatic set theory because they don't have a global membership predicate.
2. In models of type theory subset models don't properly capture the equivalence of function types and so you need to generalize to PER semantics.
3. System F style impredicativr parametric polymorphism has no models in classical set theory.

Update on ua-fediland.de :

One of their moderators got back to my email. They're in Ukraine and can't moderate during the blackouts (understandably!), and the bots/spammers take advantage of the power outages (they're Russian) to sign up when they know they'll have maximum time to stay on the instance before getting moderated.

I've suggested they might want to close sign ups before the outages to try to prevent it.

Please also see the reply to this toot, however. #Fediblock

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Element is probably the single most buggy piece of software that I voluntarily use on a daily basis. What's the best alternative? (for desktop linux)
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