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i don’t think i’ve made the obligatory “please don’t send me a follow request if we’ve never interacted or you have no posts or bio; no hard feelings (unless you like, spam it ig)” post yet, so: yea here it is. just want to be able to vet who i follow and who follows me. also i’ll probably follow you back too

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in reference to this sudden meta ( if you have problems with flowless, please do me a favour and block me, because you’re almost definitely (at least, 99%, if not 100%) a racist head-ass i wouldn’t care to spend any time around. thank’s

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one of these days i’m gonna go full sicko mode and just make my own OS and some ridiculous program(s) that do(es) the things i want

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i think they could be and are used for a lot of good. like obviously computers cannot fix everything, that’s technocrat bullshit; the vast majority of problems we face today are social in nature, mostly created by the interests of awful white people. but i think that the way that computers can multiply our labour like a lever so that we can have more free time to better ourselves and self-fulfil, would definitely be very good to have in an actually democratic, classless(?), communist/socialist society

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“stop doing math” meme but for australia 


  • 121 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE yet NO-REAL WORLD USE FOUND for British settler colonialism other than oppressing ABORIGINAL PEOPLES
  • Wanted to oppress Aboriginal peoples anyway for a laugh? We had a country for that: It was called “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”
  • “Yeah nah mate, fair dinkum true blue, she’ll be right” — Statements dreamed up by the utterly White

LOOK at what ‘Strayans have done with the Aboriginal land they continue to occupy to this day, with all the lives & resources they took by force (This is ROOL ‘Straya, done by ROOL ‘Strayans):

“G’day mate, y’ever done a shoey?”

They have played us for absolute fools

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:nd_pride: ← this user is neurodivergent (aka cool and epic) ← :nd_pride:

Urgent: Does anyone want to commission me for a poem? I’m a homeless, trans and physically disabled individual. I need to start making a living from my poetry in order to obtain housing. 

I have run out of funds to secure a hotel and was obtain to get the $900 I needed to get this apartment I was looking at. Poems are $15, state your user in the notes of the transaction. Funds go to

back in my day we didn't have fancy "graphics" or "mouse cursor." we just had to close our eyes and imagine hairy little guys for 16 hours straight

kink adj. 

got the randomly-generated squad name “the virginity of ropes”

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After fleeing donestic violence, I have no friends or gifts to wake up to on Hanukkah and Christmas. Please share 

Hi everyone, I was hoping that I could get some help paying for my hotel fees and some small gifts for myself during the holidays. It would mean the absolute world.

beg post: asking for money, asking for help 

hey folks, i still need some help with all this. some folks already helped a bit and it made a huge difference but i’m still behind by at least NZ$120. some money i was counting on this week isn’t coming through after all. please help if you can, any amount makes a difference! even just a few dollars. please boost if you can’t send money?

NZ bank 02-1235-0022372-001

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i think if a game developer writes the word “colony”, the computer should point a gun at them while printing out a link to

do not understand why so many games have vsync turned off by default

o yea i got orthographic projection working yesterday

gonna try perspective again

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Hey fedi, I'm a recently unemployed trans woman and I'm having a really rough time finding another job I can do. Here are my donation links,

Venmo: @ JuneMoon_

Cashapp: $JuniperPower

Please ignore my deadname as it appears. Thank you so much ♡

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest

being informed that the ogvent has something really cool on its 404 page

dwarf fortress premium edition release in a few days 👀

okay i multiplied two 4×4 matrices successfully

probably only really need that, honestly, unless constructing the perspective matrix needs something else; any other multiplications involving matrices are probably going to be done on the GPU

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okay so if i understand this right, the type of a matrix should be [cols]@Vector(rows, T)

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