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hello types dot p l!!! i'm quinn, robot enby whomst make computer go beep boop

i prefer it/its or they/them as pronouns

i like programming, nonograms, and cute things

also i'm a minor, so don't flirt with me uwu

it is imperative that we differentiate the socialist feminist position on abortion from the liberal individualist one.

if you want tot read On Authority, it's incredibly short and easy to comprehend, and a vital marxist piece

"hacktivism" where you publish exploits to a colonized nation's websites isn't serving the public good, it's doing cyberbully imperialism. come on.

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if youre going to compromise a country's websites, consider the USA or Europe instead of, let me check the stats real quick, the country where over a fifth of the population lives below the poverty line

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if i had an exploit to the websites of the government of bangladesh i would simply never, ever, ever publish that information publicly

asking for money 

so a couple months ago i was going through some personal stuff and got some unexpected bills, so i was really struggling with money. after gas and groceries i was mostly just holding onto around $40 or less to last me the 2 weeks between checks, so i ended up relying on my credit card. obviously, since i didnt ask for money then this isnt exactly easy for me to do, but ive been kind of on the treadmill ever since and havent been able to make a dent in the debt of around $400 due to the apr. any help at all would be appreciated and ill delete this as soon as i feel like its at the point i can manage on my own. thank you for reading this.

cashapp: $gordomajima

Hello! I am a trans lady with debilitating depression and am in a bit of need here.

I'm running out of funds at the moment! I'm unemployed with no federal aid and have been looking for work for over a year.

In the next two weeks, I need to get medicine (~$180), appointments with physicians and my counselor for the first time in over a year ($90 total), and some help with food. (donations like rice would be AMAZING)

thank you so, so much for the help.

:boost_ok:​ Requesting help for an animal in need please boost 

So long story short, a ferret i was only supposed to foster for a few days turned out to be in dire condition and the person who was supposed to claim her backed out upon finding out about her emerging health issues, so i find myself in possession of an adorable but ill ferret named Rosie. Instead of passing her off to another possibly careless owner I've decided to care for her myself. I got her into a vet and have figured out her medical issues (insulinomia, a type of diabetes) but it'll be a bit before i can save up enough to get her the meds she needs.

I've created a small wishlist of supplies that will help her and me here:

Or if you prefer to help with her medicine directly we have an account set up just for that
Cashapp: $laurendevalcourt

I’m 36 (of 40) weeks pregnant and could go any time, trying to get our little family into our own housing away from my controlling parents before birth. My wife has good Union job prospects, we’re just running very low on time

any assistance will go towards rent and deposit, goal is $2k. I know it’s a lot, it can be a loan if need be, just mark as such! thanks so much y’all for getting us this far! #mutualaid
$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

mutual aid request, running away 

i'm still unable to make money on my own and i have only recieved 2 donations. i'm 3% of my way to 5,000$. i'd really appreciate if more people pitched in, even a dollar from each person helps.

paypal :

please attatch if you're donating for the fundraiser so the person i'm working with doesn't confuse it for something else!

mutual aid req, nd trans girl needs groceries, pls boost 

hey im sorry to keep doing this but I'm completely out of food again and am struggling to find work, I could really use some support if you can manage it

cashapp: $digitalcreature

Asking for donations to afford groceries including cat food, please boost 

Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to ask that but I'd desperately need help with groceries.

I'll only receive my disability benefits next week, but my fiancee and I need to afford food, for our two cats as well because they won't have enough until then.

We're grateful for any donation or boost. Thank you if you can and are willing to help us. 🙏🏻

#MutualAid @mutualaid

mutual aid, legal, boosts+ 

I'm going through an especially rough time and I am dealing with an overwhelming amount of legal fees. If anyone is willing to help, I would be extremely grateful 💜

cashapp and venmo: Alt127

(if you'd rather send via paypal, please dm for the link)

Thank you in advance!



oh hey i actually did pretty good at this one, it’s almost flat

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:ddg:​ what is a good name for the type of an octree whose leaves are a consistent depth from the root, like the kind you might use to store minecraft-style infinite voxel terrain

FixedDepthOctree doesn’t quite seem right because like, you could move the root up a level and increment the depth and it would still have a consistent depth, but something like ConsistentDepthOctree is way too long…



@ionchy this is kinda pog

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