Anyone* wanna donate before disability month is over? (Or admit you have a crush on me?)

I'm saving up for a new keyboard that would be a lot nicer on my hands for programming than what I currently have. I haven't been able to dedicate time to my projects in months because typing on my laptop wears me out way too quickly.

I'm fully aware this is not at all important and your money is better put towards something like #MutualAid but even a little bit is appreciated. Unfortunately tech is expensive and I can only scrape away a little bit every month.

Boosts are appreciated too.

*people who haven't already done so!


@omni hi, i’ve seen you around a lot on here, and you seem pretty cool; and i recently-ish got a pension from the government for about ~AU$500 each fortnight, and i have no recurring payments for anything yet; so i would be very happy to donate some money to you for a funny keyboard

i haven’t really donated to people before, so i’m not really sure what a like, reasonable/sensible amount to give is? maybe like, AU$250 or something, which seems to be… ~€170?

i also haven’t donated through paypal before; can i put a card in or must/should make a paypal account?

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@orichalcumcosmonaut I think you can pay stuff through PayPal via debit/credit without an account, everything else requires an account though. Dunno where sending money falls under.

Amount, is uhh... whatever is comfortable to you? 😅 I'm aiming to save up ~200€ in total as my budget. I've already received a bit and anything more goes towards other accessibility goods for me and partners of mine, so one way or another it's hopefully being put to good use.

Sorry I didn't see your reply sooner, have weird notification settings. Thank you for your interest!

@omni okay, slight problem, it seems that:

  1. you do need a paypal account to do donations
  2. you need to be ≥18 to make one

i am turning 18 in a bit under two weeks (on the 9th of august), so i set a reminder to do it then

sorry aha

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