@pdarragh I guess we did a good job if so many of them wish they got more engagement with the material!

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Omg, @pdarragh and I have gotten so many undergrads interested in PL research

this is literally one of three modes I have for listening to music, the others being:

  1. hyperfixate on one artist
  2. listen to the same playlist I built years ago and only add a couple songs to now and then and get upset at not finding new music
  3. don't
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tfw proclivity for hyperfixation + "wait I like this song by this artist... and this other song by them... what else do they have that I like?" = listening to one artist for days on end

I would like to never again implement capture-avoiding substitution in a multary lambda calculus from scratch thanks

should inaugurate this new social media account with a recent photo of Poppy


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