is there a sunk cost fallacy but for gender

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super smash brothers melee for the nintendo gamecube, released in 2001, is still Extremely Hype.

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stop trying to explain category theory to me

i don't know what a groupoid is and i was happier before i knew the term

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Will I ever find a category theory book I like

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what is homothety
is that some homotopy related disease

i think im the only person that writes \mathbb{R} and \mathbb{N} every time.
it makes more sense to me and my editor collapses it to one unicode char while \R is two chars at least

can we please get a mathml activitypub spec for fedi so we don't end up with twitter garbage of people trying to do math in plaintext

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me learning a new thing: I hate this. It sucks. This is the worst thing anyone has created

me after having learned the thing: It is beautiful. It is elegant. This is the best thing anyone has created

Γ ⊢ ⌨️ Γ ⊢ 🇵🇱
Γ ⊢ :types_dot_pl:

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the best thing about go is the mascot

ah.... i guess postbaccalaureate programs are hard to get into

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