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always worried i'll get through grad school OK but be bad at researching and teaching

i've always wanted to be a good teacher but i think i'd probably be really bad at it, and i don't have much experience outside of office hours and teaching labs

i don't want to be the reason more people hate learning

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professor: there might actually be a day when a TA will have to lecture
all 4 other TAs: I want to lecture!

guess i won't be able to do it... especially as the only undergrad

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anybody know if F* has a good nondeterminism monad

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lb: is this mika everybody on

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anyway this was the topology meme that cursed me i have no fucking idea what this means

pounce: pretends to know a lot about fibres
pounce: actually still scared of the hopf fibration

here's the talk from Emily Riehl i watched if anybody else wants to see:

vv nice demonstration on HoTT as a foundation for mathematics,in particular category theory

HoTT book: "we must stress these spaces are not topological"
HoTT book: *proceeds to talk topologically*

no type theorist born before 2000 know geometry
all they know is refl, axiom K, terminate they program & inconsistency

tfw don't actually know any type theory, just have my 700page cat-bookmark-annotated manifolds textbook

huh, pi types are sections of a fibration?
that actually makes sense

Emily Riehl: we don't expect math undergrads to know the axioms of set theory... I certainly didn't

🙏 thank you king

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formal logics correspond to categories of categories

wait what
how did i not notice this
the definition of CCCs makes so much more sense now

since im dropping out of school and working in industry for a year... i kinda have a whole academic year to prep for grad school

so send any advice u have

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does anybody who's gone through grad school have GRE prep tips?
i want to buy some books to study it but i don't know which ones are good (other than the official ETS ones) :oh_no:

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