currently messing with: type checking do blocks before desugaring them

@toastal ah, I'm tempted to get into Genshin

Unfortunately I spend too much time on other gacha games already :angus:

gotta have income as a content creator, of course, but eh

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ads disguised as educational videos with zero substance

I was bored so I built rustc and ghc, 10 and 20 minutes respectively to produce stage 2 builds.

programming but with only a file-watching compiler, a dream, and without actual IDE tooling basically summarizes my Haskell dev experience

This is a PSA

Please remember people:

- Replace by a 'nitter' instance - it allows you to read stuff on the bird site without the annoyances.

- Replace by a 'teddit' instance in the same way

- Put your annoying newspaper link after '' for the same result.

If we all work together on this one, we can all make Mastodon a better place!

Thank you!

This is the end of this PSA.

Technically, because I missed one course that the registrar didn't sign me up to :angus:

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I think it'd be good if I kept track of the ideas I want to explore through Emacs+Org. I'm yet again stuck trying to explore multiple things at once and it really sucks.

@uncomfyhalomacro I've not heard of such criticisms before. Maybe this is coming from distro package maintainers?

Initial draft of new blog post is up, will update in the following weeks as I write down more stuff

@uncomfyhalomacro I'm fine working with Nix on a Mac on a per-project basis; I can't say I have the patience to manage a NixOS config

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