With the sudden flow of new users over here at Mastodon, I'll do another !

I'm Justin, and I'm a junior software developer (and kind of an aspiring game developer) currently hacking at Meeshkan.

I taught myself functional programming, and I'm currently a core team member for the PureScript programming language.

I like rhythm games, programming languages, and very niche things in general.

@toastal Perhaps I should support it in one of my toy languages

bandcamp embed, volume warning 

@toastal Fair, but that's not too bad for me either although my personal limit is straight-up noisecore japanesestreamhardcore.bandcam

I often forget that OCaml has object-oriented features and is technically the sussus amogus of FP languages

@toastal ah, I'm tempted to get into Genshin

Unfortunately I spend too much time on other gacha games already :angus:

gotta have income as a content creator, of course, but eh

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ads disguised as educational videos with zero substance

I was bored so I built rustc and ghc, 10 and 20 minutes respectively to produce stage 2 builds.

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