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I think it'd be good if I kept track of the ideas I want to explore through Emacs+Org. I'm yet again stuck trying to explore multiple things at once and it really sucks.

Initial draft of new blog post is up, will update in the following weeks as I write down more stuff

Didn't expect rustc to compiler under 1h in my machine. Neat.

This thread is still alive, btw, I've now moved on to writing the compiler in Rust since I need to learn something new and I want it to be fast

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I always have this dumb urge to spell behaviour instead behavior

Hiding data for the sake of hiding data just so you can expose them with a method defeats the purpose of hiding data.

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honestly feel sick right now, just learnt about the websites scihub, libgen, and b-ok which I heard can be used to access information free of charge! please make sure to stay away from these sites and make sure to tell your friends so they can stay away too :02_peek:

Frankly I brought this upon myself, same with Doctor Who, unfortunately

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I've watched so many House M.D. clips on YouTube that I could literally skip episodes at a time

i made my spaghetti compiler public. it doesn't really do anything yet

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