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For the sake of being quirky and also because it's just easier to agree on a single formatting this way

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For my PL project, I think I'll be quirky and prefer explicit layout delimiters

I'm not particularly comfortable with sudo make install-ing everything

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Kinda considering writing a homebrew formula to set up ARM-enabled chez scheme just so I can build idris

currently messing with: type checking do blocks before desugaring them

gotta have income as a content creator, of course, but eh

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ads disguised as educational videos with zero substance

I was bored so I built rustc and ghc, 10 and 20 minutes respectively to produce stage 2 builds.

programming but with only a file-watching compiler, a dream, and without actual IDE tooling basically summarizes my Haskell dev experience

This is a PSA

Please remember people:

- Replace by a 'nitter' instance - it allows you to read stuff on the bird site without the annoyances.

- Replace by a 'teddit' instance in the same way

- Put your annoying newspaper link after '' for the same result.

If we all work together on this one, we can all make Mastodon a better place!

Thank you!

This is the end of this PSA.

Technically, because I missed one course that the registrar didn't sign me up to :angus:

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I think it'd be good if I kept track of the ideas I want to explore through Emacs+Org. I'm yet again stuck trying to explore multiple things at once and it really sucks.

Initial draft of new blog post is up, will update in the following weeks as I write down more stuff

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