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GG: hello!!!!
AG: Sup ::::)

GG: we are nebula!!! we are trans and do code shit on occasion and are gonna post it here instead of spamming our main :D

we coded the homestuck music wiki and thats our main project right now so you can probably expect some of that?? pchoo!!

also we sometimes do cursed stuff with scratch so that will probably end up here too lol

excited to meet all! :)

GG: from now on im not calling code i write "public domain" anymore
GG: instead it is now free range :)
GG: /j

this is so sad, a lexer is generally combined with a parser, which together analyze the syntax of programming languages, web pages, and so forth

GG: my post says its been boosted once but i cant see who did and i apparently didnt get a notification for it :pika:โ€‹

code screen, no alt text 

GG: the only proper way to get a closure in javascript is still to stick it in an IIFE
GG: let/const (aka block-scoped var with optional "don't re-assign") help, but are not perfect
GG: the contained code comments arent relevant but see image for an example! (the issue here is that pageWriteFns is a let when it should be a const, and the only way to make it into a const would be to make the block containing the error variable into an IIFE)

GG: happy 8th scratchaversary us!! :D
AG: ::::) ::::) ::::) ::::)

"tail calls are when you're calling someone and u have a tail"

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