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GG: hello!!!!
AG: Sup ::::)

GG: we are nebula!!! we are trans and do code shit on occasion and are gonna post it here instead of spamming our main :D

we coded the homestuck music wiki and thats our main project right now so you can probably expect some of that?? pchoo!!

also we sometimes do cursed stuff with scratch so that will probably end up here too lol

excited to meet all! :)

GG: so this turned into a delve into places.sqlite firefox history, because the ui doesnt display older than the latest visits to a given url...
GG: and i finally got the command working exactly like i need it to
GG: however.
GG: i just remembered
GG: i deleted my entire file:// history after i changed the username on my system, because it was annoying having the old dead urls be the autocomplete all the time
GG: which means
GG: much of the specific history i need is gone ;___;

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GG: YESS my brightness slider on the gnome imac finally works again!! it was broken for ages oh my god

GG: this avatar makes me feel like im 13 again every time i post :ameowbongo:โ€‹

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GG: im dead serious tempted to go through my firefox history of the last year and build a spreadsheet for how long ive been working on the music wiki (since thats pretty easy to gauge by the presence of localhost urls)

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extremely facetious "canceled" joke 

GG: canceled for hundreds of hours of free child labor put into personal hobby projects years in a row ๐Ÿ˜”

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GG: "log your hours" oh god i shouldve been doing that for literally the last eight years maybe, humm

GG: also i extremely need to use this account more lol
GG: i want to talk about coding for fun, and i literally have the place to do that here!! i just gotta actually take that opportunity B33

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GG: what if i did live-coding threads :0
GG: not even with the expectation of anyone reading or conversating, just for the fun of journaling what my code process is like if anyone wants to read later!! could be fun :blobcat3c:โ€‹

GG: thinking about......... ocaps (in minecraft (in real life))

project purpose musing, crapitalism mention 

GG: of course, the former (an interested audience) is, to one degree, what i want, because working and sharing with people is so much more satisfying than working on my own...
GG: ...and, to another degree, what i need, because i need a job, and the only way i have any chance of partially sustaining myself as thanks for developing a project i care about is through reach and audience
GG: the problem is that its so much more heartwrenching when i try so hard to put something i love together, and share it with people, and i just dont find an audience for it
GG: its harder to try and fail than to not try at all, right? and i can distract myself from the part where im working on my own for a project fated to be only a tiny hobby, by working on that project as a tiny hobby!
GG: ...even when it probably could be more if only i would find the audience

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project purpose musing 

GG: musing over whether i want to put time and effort into finding a community around a project im working on when such a goal may be totally fruitless thanks to the projects niche nature...
GG: ...or just keep on developing it with the wacky ideas i have for myself, satisfied knowing my audience is minimal and i dont need people around to justify my interest in and creation of what i love

GG/RX: were p sure its just the fan but like
GG/RX: hummmmmmm
GG/RX: is the fan normally clicky and its just quiet enuf to hear it right now ooor....??

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i am legally not allowed to discuss homestuck or learn anything about homestuck

GG/RX: computers makin weird clicky noises and we dont know wut to do about it..............................
GG/RX: why isnt there a command for what process is makin my computer b funkie lol

GG: text rendering in scratch is a challenge i recommend to no one

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GG: this project is so shenanigans :3
GG: (art blatantly stolen from mateusz skutnik & the submachine series, tyvm)

GG: hey nobody told me the extension for haskell files is .hs!!! :B

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