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GG: hello!!!!
AG: Sup ::::)

GG: we are nebula!!! we are trans and do code shit on occasion and are gonna post it here instead of spamming our main :D

we coded the homestuck music wiki and thats our main project right now so you can probably expect some of that?? pchoo!!

also we sometimes do cursed stuff with scratch so that will probably end up here too lol

excited to meet all! :)

GG: wrote a cool little on-this-day script for my general file folder, where ive dated all my files from when theyre from :0

GG: at this point i dont think i can tell the difference between javascript and c sharp code anymore

GG: fitting descriptions into commit lines is a literary artform unto itself tbh

GG: fitting descriptions into commit lines is a literary artform unto itself tbh

GG: oh pretend "continue forever" and "continue repeat" dont have notches at the bottom inside the grey rings lol

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Off Topic. I Am Sorry 

GG: I Am Not Complaining As Im A Big Fan Of The Kanaya Thing

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Off Topic. I Am Sorry 

GG: Oh Are We Doing The Kanaya Thing Again

firefox bugzilla drama nonsense 

GG: ๐Ÿฆ€ the Consider reverting access key of new "Copy Link" context menuitem from L to A (as before; maybe "Copy Link Address" like Chrome): Easier motor access for right-handers with common keyboard/touchpad/mouse layout is gone ๐Ÿฆ€

GG: (theres a lot of drama nonsense here which im not even going to bother summarizing lmao)


GG: lol oh no

(...) We also added automatic syntax highlighting when sending code (...)

GG: not to dunk on the effort behind the rest of the update because it seems like useful stuff, but also
GG: lol oh no

GG: lol thank goodness, at some point the mkdirp npm module got a 1.0 release with promise support

GG: ohhh my god id thought id gotten it working for ages but im not sure if ive actually made any progress at all
GG: screw this it is officially time to make this 6500 loc js file into many smaller files

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GG: giving working with what i got a fair shot before some drastic fix but like, this is h*ck lol

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GG: literally better off forking this ancient joke project (making it generate html text rather than DOM elements) than trying to get auto-indent to work

GG: or figuring out how to do external templates (ala handlebars) but... no.

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GG: tl;dr any multi-line template string inside another template string makes it think there is a lot more indentation than there actually is. There Is No Way To Fix This

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