computers are rocks we tricked ourselves into thinking they could think

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everything about programming is deeply cursed. that's my take, thank u for your time

> In conclusion, I know there's a lot of space for performance tuning in the Windows Terminal, but I honestly can't expect the performance of colored text to be close comparing to non-colored text. Even with a hardware-accelerated solution like DirectX, we still faces performance bottleneck from the rendering stack & GPUs.


Show thread yeah exactly. insecurity is implied by "software", not "proprietary"

what's a good resource for learning racket?

bats are so cool. they just out wings on rats. flawless concept.

using windows again and in awe of how often programs just randomly freeze or crash...

me: woah, games look so good nowadays, wtf, lets see what other people think of this!

gamersโ„ข: how come there are only 200000000 polygons? why does this run on hardware that came out last year? why does the game not perform per photon lightning simulations? I mean come on it's 2021 the least it could do is blow up my computer and suck my dick.

so you're telling me optimus prime is unrelated to monad transformers? fuck.

there are 5 reviews of BLร…HAJ on the swedish ikea website. they are all 5 stars.

just held my phone vertically watching a fullscreen video in horizontal mode wondering why it looked weird for at least 10 seconds before realising I should rotate my phone 90ยฐ

wait, javascript doesn't have integral numbers???

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