Sobald ich ausgeschlafen bin, kannst du dein Paket haben. 😺

there are 2 wolves inside of you. please remain calm and wait for emergency services to arrive

re: crypto, blockchain, silly joke 

anyone who thinks blockchains and crypto are not a hellspawn, please go fuck yourselfs. <3

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crypto, blockchain, silly joke 

Introducing BCFS an all new filesystem where each inode is a node on a blockchain, making files non-fungusable.

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my bike is a fucking bitch. but she is my bitch

incoherent infrastructure vent, elon musk 

still upset after thinking about the whole self driving cars discussion. the amount of just absolute garbage designs that people create is so mind numbing, and then they get government funding too. I am not from the US, however, if I see another city in the US invest in some elon sci-fi loop snakeoil I am going to lose it.

we know how to do trams, busses and trains, why are we making hyperloops? well, "they're faster", lets see, the wikipedia page for the hyperloop claims it will go at hypersonic speeds, you see faster == better, no? no. you are tellimg me you are going to do in-city transit at mach fucking one? how will you have the time to accelerate to those speeds inbetween stops without turning people into a soup like homogynate. how are you going to make a turn without the centripetal force crushing every bone in their body? you're not, you're gonna end up with slow innefficient shitty trams. and all this is even ignoring the space inneficiency and impossible tunneling claims made by elon.

but no, now we have "the loop", a car tunnel! what? this is better than cars how exactly? we already have cars that go fast and they experience traffic too. they ditched the platforms, right, you are just driving in a tunnel. if they want to stop traffic all cars will be coordinated, meaning you'll probably have to own a tesla. also, how will the elevators that are going to bring you in and out of these machines not going to be a chokepoint? also also there is no space in the tunnel to walk or even open the door of your car, meaning if an accident happens then ?? :D ?. oh yeah, and busses, ambulances, etc don't fit in the tunnels.

why can't people invest in widening the bike lanes, expanding the bus and tram networks and extending the train network to more suburbs. why, why should we all drive around the 2 tonne 5 person transporter. a car averages 1.6 occupants iirc, that's nothing. maybe every single person doesn't need a personal vehicle. maybe we can just like, let them be used for transporting heavy cargo from train stations, people who live out in the countryside and emergency response.

but of course a lot of people hate this idea, not because they are against more efficient and less deadly infrastructure, but because they just NEED their personal car. don't get me wrong, there are genuine reasons to dislike going on a train, there are many people and if you're freaked out by this then I understand. what I am talking about is how people have this idea of worth tacked onto their car, the car is a status object. "look at me, I have a house and a car, I'm somebody", they thought to themself in a copy pastes house in some shitty suburb...

end of rant. if you read all of this, then, why?

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