Based path induction is such a funny term to me, now. If you point it out it's implicitly a compliment, like "hey, based path induction! 😎"

Flex time: when changing legal name I added Lambda as a middle name, and I've now been told my new email will be lambda at

Okay I just found this strange rabbit hole of... AI generated Bandcamp spam?

TIL Ubuntu purposefully deprives you of security patches they have and know how to deploy if you are not paying for their pro rates:

my legal name change finally went through !!! :QueerCat_Trans:

now I have a couple of emails to send...

I moved my website to and added a cute little cup to the site header :)

As most of you know, our library is being sued by 4 corporate publishers who want to stop the Internet Archive from lending books. The date for oral argument has just been set for March 20.

What's at stake? Lia Holland from @team elaborates:

you've heard of HoTTEST. get ready for CoLDEST

pretendent types 

That's when you give names to inputs and write indices on types, but only in comments.

Just learned set theory and I cannot contain myself.

This post hit 500 boosts an 1k likes :D
Trans rights are human rights.
Bash the fash.

what matrix homeserver should I register on? does it matter?

i am 20 years old and i still have not figured out how to not walk into walls

writing a mathematical proof that what i did is not legal or illegal but independent from the law

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