For dinner: we have a reservation at 3 Schwestern (, about 10 minutes away by foot. They serve wonderful German food.

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That said, the organizers are happy to guide participants to nearby Markthalle Neun ( for a wide variety of food stalls.

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The Racketfest homepage has been updated with information about lunch and dinner. Both are optional! Eat whatever and wherever you like.

Looks like we'll have about 50 people joining us. This is going to be a Racket FEST!

Racketfest: You've been waiting for it, and we're now less than one week away!

Come join us in Berlin on Saturday! We still have a few seats left; sign up and get your Racket on!

March has rolled around, and you know what that means: Racketfest is coming up soon! Our festival of and language-oriented programming is just a couple of weeks away. Come join us on Saturday, March 18, in Berlin!

If you want to come to Racketfest, why not take a peek at @bobkonf, too? BOB takes place in Berlin on the day before. There's a discount if you attend both conferences!

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The Racketfest 2023 program is set! Nine great talks from all corners of the landscape. Come join us on March 18 in Berlin!

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Please note: Early Bird tickets for #BOBkonf2023 are available for one more week -- after that, it's regular price for all of them.

We also have a number of additional discount options available!

Read more and get yours here:

Do you hear that Racket train a-coming? Here it comes: Racketfest on March 18! We’re up to eight talks so far. Come join us!

Racketfest needs your help! Ticket prices are appreciably lower than the actual cost per participant. Sponsors are needed to make that possible. Just visit to chip in!

After a 100% online edition in 2021, Racketfest 2023 will be an on-site, in-person conference. Hybrid/remote participation is currently not planned.

We're partnering with @bobkonf! BOB 2023 will held on Friday, March 17th, the day before Racketfest, and will also be in Berlin.

If you register for both conferences, you'll get a discount!

Racketfest will be held at Spielfeld, a coworking space in Berlin.

So far, we've got six great talks lined up, and more are in the pipeline.

If you would like to share your cool stuff, submit a talk! Just go to .

You can also nominate someone else whose Racket work you'd like to learn more about. The same link works for nominations.

Rcketfest 2023 is on! Come join us on Saturday, March 18, 2023 for a day of fun learning and sharing what's great about , functional & language-oriented programming, and oh-my-.

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