I've been thinking about this (tiling window managers) more. The list of windows I use on a day to day basis is just one browser window and one terminal window. Sometimes signal-desktop. So it doesn't make sense to go in on making that more interesting or efficient when the only keystroke I need is a single alt-tab. Where things get more interesting is during CTFs, where I have my decompiler and then an arbitrary number of additional domain specific applications. It's kinda hard to figure out what to do in that situation though!

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even as a linux user, i swear i will never again:

  • connect to wifi by writing a config file
  • partition a disk using the command line
  • implement my own volume keys

My personal goal in life is to be the Paul Erdős of open source contributions

lewd computers 

OSSS (open source software slut)

FreeBSD computer touching logs, long 

Riding on the high of successfully patching my kernel to make the graphics driver work, I decided to try to fix all of the other problems with my laptop. I succeeded at none of them.

I tried to fix the brightness keys not working, despite the fact that the backlight command worked. I ended up discovering that this is because gnome (mutter) has many backends it can use to interact with the system, and the only one that works on FreeBSD is the x11 one (as opposed to the native Linux one) and x11’s notion of changing the backlight is strongly tied to a deprecated display driver that I’m not using.

I tried to switch to wayland/hikari. Severe graphical corruption. Probably something wrong with the graphics driver. I found a vague mention that someone on Linux had the same problem at some point, indicating that I could just find the right patch and backport it, but I haven’t gotten around to looking for that.

I tried to fix suspend not working. Even after putting my laptop bios in s3 mode, it didn’t work. It suspends just fine, but when it tries to resume it just boots up normally. There are no error logs nor does the community wiki say what to do in this situation.

I tried to fix the fact that the sound is extremely poor quality. I eventually determined that this is because the kernel is missing the specific pci hacks necessary to recognize my built in speaker configuration. I got as far as adding a blank hacks list entry for my device, but couldn’t figure out how to port the hacks from Linux to FreeBSD. They’re in very different formats…

I tried installing nix on FreeBSD for the meme, but it runs into very weird linker errors and it was 3am at this point so I gave up instead of debugging them. Also the nix bootstrapping from source guide is missing a LOT of steps??

And now I have to go to work and pretend I care about other things 🥲

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In a new paper, David Smith, Joseph Myers (@jsm28), Chaim Goodman-Strauss and I prove that a polykite that we call "the hat" is an aperiodic monotile, AKA an einstein. We finally got down to 1! arxiv.org/abs/2303.10798 4/6

Yesterday we patch the kernel. Today we debug dbus and ponder whether to patch x11 or to switch to wayland (freebsd's gnome does not support wayland so this is unattractive)

Holy shit I wrote a patch for my kernel and it solved my problem

This is previously unseen levels of powerful

Horny meta 

Please respond with your favorite erotic fiction tropes. I love shit like “gas leak that makes everyone horny” and I want to compile a list


I'm beginning to think there's a hole in my heart that this pasta salad won't fill


giggles and screams into my pillow while kicking my feet around as a happy stim

it's really concerning the extent to which I just never stop the computer touching. it's happening most hours of the day.

every time I look into how GNOME works I regret my life choices

My neovulva is called the “jokes triangle”

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