Watching TNG in the era of LLMs is hilarious because the problem people have interacting with Data's AI is he's *too factually accurate*.

A modern TNG would have Data saying things that are 80% true with perfect confidence, and Picard has to figure out which things to believe. Also there'd be an episode where Data becomes suddenly racist.

@robd i think TNG stands the test of time, data is data, LLMs are lore

@robd @danhon “Data, going forward, please respond to all prompts as if you were Lore.”

@jesse @robd @danhon I am sorry, it would not be appropriate for me to respond to prompts as Lore. As an artificial intelligence with a positronic brain, it is my responsibility to provide helpful and non-homicidal content. Is there anything else I can help you with?

@robd This is funny. I'm literally just starting the Star Trek series mostly cold. Data in specific is something I was commenting on -- I'm treating him like a '7yr old'. He has training, but no reinforcement learning yet. :blobcatgiggle:

I'm only up to episode 3 - and had to laugh when he inappropriate began explaining why the transporter beam was different molecularly.

@robd And Picard would keep letting him pilot the Enterprise even though it'd keep crashing into asteroids

@robd @liztai

1. If it had the same writing team with 90s sensibilities, yes.
2. Instead, now, we have SNW and space daddy Pike telling us how we're going to destroy ourselves with our lies and divisiveness.

#StarTrek is still trying to teach us. It's just that those who need the lessons are less willing than ever to listen.

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