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If you live in West Lafayette, IN and have always wondered what it would feel like to be shot by a blunderbuss loaded with sticks and dead leaves, get outside now!

One of the habits I picked up in academia that I wish I'd had before is taking notes while I read, summarizing what I read in my own words. I can deeply read things so much faster this way. The oral version of this (repeat what you heard in your own words) is a well-known trick for listening well, and for me the principle completely translates to the written word.

this site is so weird. how do I know how many internet points I won? how do I know what to be outraged about? I feel like I could just put it down at any moment and go to bed at a reasonable hour, and then check it again tomorrow if I felt like it, in a healthy way. what the fuck

Content moderation is the hardest problem in social media, and Mastodon's approach (distribute moderation responsibility to instance admins, people can pick instances with policies they like) seems both promising and unique in the space. Feels like this isn't usually part of Twexit sales pitches?

Did you know that when you put .rss behind your Mastodon profile URL, you get an RSS feed? 😎

It's getting to the point where you can't enjoy a steaming bowl of SpaghettiOs in an art gallery without getting harassed by the security guard.

Local Indiana Politics 

Always check the local paper for the one unhinged school board candidate who, when given ample time to compose a single paragraph, decides to go with something like this.

Teaching a kid to read opens your eyes to so many things, like how "tower" and "tour" should really have each others' pronunciation.

My kindergartner is precocious with language so sometimes we do the NYT crossword minis together. Yesterday's had the answer "GSPOT." I tried to silently move on, but he caught it and started trying to read it as a single word, repeatedly asking "Daddy, what's a guh-spot?" as I was trying not to laugh. I've always been prepared for "where do babies come from?", but it turns out the first sex question I get is "what's a g-spot?" Thanks, NYT.

“The first time I read an Aboriginal story from Australia that seemed to recall the rise of sea levels after the last ice age, I thought, No, I don’t think this is correct...But then I read another story that recalled the same thing.”

– Patrick Nunn, geologist

[via Hakai Magazine]

The egg library seems really well done. 👏

paper length 

Ok here we go: PL papers are long because you have to write an essay to explain your entire worldview from scratch and relegate whatever actually technical new things you did to the appendix/artifact.

Everything a startup founder says about their personal history is designed to sculpt a narrative which appeals to investors and employees, and you shouldn't take any of it too seriously.

Me in industry: text file, html, csv, just please anything but a pdf.

Me in academia: Please just where is the pdf. Pdfs for the pdf god.

A carrel in the library feels so much nicer than a cubical in the lab and I can't figure out why.

If I had a nickel for every time I've accidentally tried to create an isomorphism between data and codata this week I would have 10¢, which isn't a lot but it's weird that it's happened twice

I've made @lyresdictionary
its own homepage, including a development blog. My thought is to use it to write about future updates to the bot, as well as some words about how it works and how I think about it.

Looking for an introductory resource on categorical PL semantics for someone who understands category theory at the level of the Awodey textbook and has worked extensively with operational PL semantics, but has minimal CT-based PL semantics exposure.

Hill I will die on: IRC needed persistent searchable scrollback, but all additional features we've added to chat apps beyond that are bad.

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