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Thousands of archivists and librarians over here gesticulating *yes, finally, we've been saying this for a decade+*

Here’s a picture of completely empty bookshelves in a Florida classroom after DeSantis ordered teachers to remove all books or else face felony charges

Imagine being a chuklefuck Republican and thinking this is a win.

A few days ago I posted an open Google Doc here and encouraged folks to jump in to brainstorm feature ideas for Mastodon/Fediverse social apps. There are now 6 pages of smart, good ideas, and growing... check it out and add if you have a good one! And pls boost/share with others as you see fit.

The last time Google went into a full freakout about a competitor, it killed Reader, tried to jam everything into Plus, and churned through like three IM clients, so I'm really excited to see what fresh hell comes when it tries to compete with ChatGPT for some godforsaken reason.

Where is the AI app that turns an overproduced 10 minute YouTube video answering a simple question back into text that takes 20 seconds to read?

The Globus INK (1967) is a remarkable piece of Soviet spacecraft equipment. Its rotating globe showed cosmonauts the position of their Soyuz spacecraft. An electromechanical analog computer, it used gears, cams, and differentials to compute the position. Let's look inside 🧵

System Collapse, the next Murderbot book, is starting to show up for preorder: I think the cover reveal will be next week.

An astounding image of our moment at the precipice:

Climate activists standing against the inhuman-scale machinery of the open-pit Lützerath brown coal mine, with a wind farm visible in the distance.
#climate #LützerathLebt #coal #renewable

I mean... it clearly looks like a sky vagina right? A skygina? To the point it's ridiculous to describe it any other way?

I access Twitter through the secret fourth-party app: Hearing about whatever nonsense is going on from the federated grapevine

An alarming number of "Tinder for X" pitches though.

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I'm TAing software engineering this semester, and spending the day listening to talented undergrads pitch project ideas is a blast.

@jmw150 Repost of THE D&D ALIGNMENT CHART OF “HOW TO GET A THEOREM NAMED AFTER YOU” with image description.

Possible source of the image with some discussion:

A lot of senior engineers loathe YAML. This piece describes a few pain points. (But skips the document-delimiter problem.)

France during the revolution is the original detached head state.

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