@chrisamaphone @ionchy oh dang I’d like to learn more about that. Any favourite references while I google?

@ionchy all the time. Neat connections with recursion schemes too.

@ionchy PICT as I recall, at least for apple’s QuickTake cameras. That was a weird format and I doubt many others used it tho.

@numist depends directly on time interval. C rules everything around me.

the physical universe is anti-modular

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@jmct I'm a huge fan of Paul Downen's thesis. Classical logic as a programming language &c.

@purefunctor love the temperature, hate the humidity 😬

@dev Looks like one to my untrained eye. We get them in the meadow south of here almost year round ☺️

@bruceiv I'm used to having to wrap parens around non-nullary constructor patterns anyway, so it was a pretty small step to nullary as well. Previously I had thought of it the same as you describe, tho!

Implementing pattern compilation makes me sad.

@bruceiv I actually went the opposite direction in Facet: constructors must always be parenthesized (even when nullary), variables must not be.

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