Sometimes I open links and don't read them, so I am not sure the source of the link (possibly @RuthMalan ) ... Anyway ... this is so insightful " I’m a big fan of the idea that incidents are unplanned investments. The return on those investments is learning. Therefore, the lessons learned from analyzing incidents can reveal important information about your technical systems, organization, and how various parts interact"

So many friends and colleagues posting cute content about OpenAI. Y'all do know you're doing advertising / cultural normalization work for Peter Thiel, Elon and the effective altruism creep show right? The tool may have productive, even joyful uses — but this is a situation where a few impressive and charming party tricks can distract us from the immense collective harms being done by the co-founders. Please check in with yourselves before choosing how to engage this.

Do you paint, draw, sculpt, bead, photograph or do anything that creates a beautiful image you can share?

Then you should participate in #ArtAdventCalendar! A non commercial, stress free event to bring beauty to the timeline during December.

All you need is work to share and to use the hashtag...there are some guidelines and tips in the link.

Join us in our 8th year & 1st on Mastodon.

#ArtAdventCalendar #Art #Painting #photography #sculpture #beading #drawing

Never forget, a 13-year study of a dozen cities found that protected bike-lanes led to a drastic decline in fatalities for ALL ROAD USERS. And painted bike-lanes? No safety improvement at all. As for sharrows, it’s safer to NOT have them. Via #StreetsblogUSA, read their article linked below. #bikelanes #bikes #cities #transportation #mobility #sharrows #infrastructure #urbanism

🎄 Can you give an example of Catastrophically Nice (in the context of Naughty or Nice ) 🤶​🎅​🎄​

"Most of all, systems design is invisible to people who don't know how to look for it. At least with code, you can measure output by the line or the bug, and you can hire more programmers to get more code. With systems design, the key insight might be a one-sentence explanation given at the right time to the right person, that affects the next 5 years of work, or is the difference between hypergrowth and steady growth."

Let's do the Database Papers advents calendar on Mastodon this year, both to see how things work here, and potentially motivate folks to move over. It would be a shame to lose all the connections to the awesome folks over all those years. And, I must say, over the last several weeks I've seen more useful content here than I have on Twitter.

Your periodic reminder that you don’t learn for free. You don’t wave a magic wand and magically get better.

You need to slow down. You need slack.

Question, deeply, any company that demands you take this slack time to learn from your own, personal time.

debugging strategy: find the bug's

I'd be curious to hear how people do this, I tried Googling for some of these things and it's harder than I expected to find out what they're called if you don't already know

I had a lovely time yesterday at and also so nice to be at home all day with 0 meetings

The government wants to get in your DMs.

The #OnlineSafetyBill will make messaging apps scan what you're saying and what images you're sharing before they get encrypted. It unlocks your privacy.

Email your MP (UK) today:

#BlockTheBill #PrivacyIsOnlineSafety #privacy #freedomofexpression

Historia de los lenguajes de programación (Entrevista a Manuel Rubio por Camilo Chacón Sartori). #Podcast #Informática

The results of my poll are not surprising but I expected more a less overwhelming victor

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Immigrant life in Dublin: the difficulty of getting a mortgage 

Banks’ rejections of mortgage applications from immigrant workers stir a desire to leave. Immigrants are way more likely than people born in Ireland to be renters, and unequal access to mortgages slows their integration, an ESRI report says.
#Dublin #Ireland #ImmigrantLife #Housing #GettingaMortgage

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