Remote events create space for folk who can’t safely do in-person things **and** bring more of the world of us together.

***and*** open spaces are fun

***and*** did you see who’s already signed up? Hint: first name Elizabeth, last name Ayer. Wrote the wonderful post on meetings? @elizayer ?? Yessss!!

Join us. ($5 ticket covers cost of

April 21:

As Helen Thomas (FT) points out, if the Govt. was serious about its #green agenda & really interested in the #climatecrisis while acknowledging that UK may not have funds to support extensive investment, using regulatory reform would be the way forward.

Any Govt. (including an incoming Labour administration) could reform planning laws to make them more green-focussed and/or require a range of sectors to make adjustments by fixed deadlines.

That's about political will less than cash available!

Architecture Modernization, my new book to be published by Manning Publications Co., is now official, and the early access edition is available:

You can read some of the content for free, and you can use this code to get 45% off all formats of the book before March 22nd: mltune

Up next in our Papers in Systems discussion series is **Systems Design Explains the World** by Avery Pennarun.

Co-leading the discussion: @dahukanna @yvonnezlam @tltroup @ductape

When: **April 3rd, 2023**, 1PM - 2PM Eastern Time (US/Canada). The Zoom room will remain open until 2:30PM for informal discussion.

The post is available at:

Free but sign up:


From Sources of power, how people make decisions
By Gary A. Klein; Cambridge,

Without clear and thorough documentation of what is in the dataset and the properties of the trained model, we are not positioned to understand its biases and other possible negative effects, to work on how to mitigate them, or fit between model and use case. That is, not beyond the obvious first pass questions of: Is this a use case where synthetic text is even appropriate? Very few use cases are."


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Big day for strikes tomorrow in the UK:

"Tomorrow (budget day) marks one of the biggest days of strikes in decades:

133,000 civil servants

300,000 teachers

70,000 university staff

50,000 junior doctors

Amazon workers (Coventry)

Tens of thousands of

London tube workers

BBC radio journalists"


It’s that time of the year… (intl meeting time confusion)

Next in the Leadership Discussion Series:
Tuesday March 14; 12-1pm ET (5 pm CET… I think?)

Discussion of Adaptive Leadership (chapter 8 of his book, Becoming a Leader in Product Development) led by the author, Eb Ikonne. It’s not required (but useful!) to have read the chapter, as Eb presents a bit, we discuss, repeat.

Free but sign up for link:

So, that book to which I contributed a chapter for free, which the editors edited for free, and for which the publisher is charging libraries north of £100?
Now, they aren't even providing complimentary copies to the contributors, just a PDF. A new low in Big Publisher.

(I'm looking at you, Springer Nature/Palgrave.)

I do not want Slack to provide a probabilistic summary of what I said. I don't want notion to guess what I'm going to say. I want to choose my words with clarity and precision in mind, and if people want me to take the time to read what they've written I would hope that they've taken the time to choose their words too

And I really want to take my words out of training data sets

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Join us? A huge part of these is who we explore and practice with. It’s also about the focus—what matters, and why? How do we respond? The format is not narrowly prescriptive, but rather collaboratively draws on, and builds, expertise and perspective.

Technical Leadership
May 23 and May 30, at 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Systems and Software Architecture
June 20-22 and June 27-29, 2023 at 11 am - 3:30 pm Eastern Time

Achievement unlocked! @kenny_baas, Evelyn Van Kelle
and me are writing a book called "Collaborative Software Design" and it made it to the bestseller list at @ManningPublications a few weeks ago! 😍 (If you want to help us do it again, feel free to visit 😉)

RT @lunivore
Looking for a lead dev or Agile coach role in Eco or Tech for Good, 4 days a week, London-based or remote. Willing to go *permie* with the right org; until then happy to contract, but ready to settle down. Kotlin, Java, C#, learning Rust, open to other stacks. Please pass it on!

Today I learned that there is a special interest group on Spreadsheet Risk Management.

They host a conference and their websites has a special section on "horror stories".

Wrote a TIL about it here:

Tech industry, please hire more writers. I can happily read docs for 3h and get much more out of them than watching a video for 3h. And while I'm watching the video, I'm making copious notes so that I don't have to watch the video *again* later to refresh my memory. If it was written down in the first place with good indexing I wouldn't have to do that. Video is such a crap way to document things.

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@lari @emilymbender @cfiesler
This is fantastic.

Dr. Bender's point at ~20min about information literacy is great - how search w/ a chatbot/LLM cuts users off from the information sources that the AI is drawing from, blocking their ability to evaluate the trustworthiness of the responses.

It shifts power from users to the people designing the algorithms, by increasing the mediation between 1) the user and 2) an understanding of the way the technology functions internally.

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