It’s just really difficult to get excited about generative language models when you believe in ideas like “there is such a thing as the truth and it matters”.

I don’t feel like that’s an unreasonable position.

@cube_drone @gatesvp confirmed that this is a Pain-in-The-Ass Supreme, because to do this right, you should declare your items and potentially pay duties+GST+PST

but that said, if you want something *soon* sometimes those days spent for customs clearance (this is particularly an issue for Canada Post during the holidays), can really make this an appealing option.

also, everybody should go to Point Roberts at least once in their lives. it's a weird place.

I know a bike shop owner who regularly rides down to Blaine from Vancouver to get parts that, for whatever reason, are too expensive to get shipped to Canada

I have family in Seattle so that's how I handle this

@cube_drone I joined a friend for a bus ride to that gaudy bass pro shops then a nice bike ride along the bluffs to pick up a pair of sneakers but yeah it doesn't pencil out generally

@cube_drone I laugh at those who do the whole Point Bob thing but

@jakedonham looks fine. why can't someone just push it back in place

There's something beautiful mediocre about university president/chancellor searches

This is beautiful, but come on, "When two artists bought the vacant building", nice job waiting until the second paragraph to mention that one of them is an software engineer at Amazon

OTOH this has all the hallmarks of a NYT lifestyle piece so that makes sense

No one deserves to have a billion dollars. I don't think people fully understand how big 1 billion is. It would take a cheetah 595 days to sprint 1 million miles but it would take a blue whale 25 days to eat 1 billion krill. Let that sink in.

@regehr this seems both worse than expected and entirely true to character

@ionchy you also have far fewer protections for unauthorized use (than a credit card) go figure

@dan @ricci highly unlikely; those numbers are so big I threw up halfway through the video

I wish tech would stop using awesome words to name their thoroughly disappointing products

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