landscapes taken with wide angles booooring 

this town is obscenely gorgeous end of message

two delicious tastes 

a new contestant has entered the ring

bitch about products 

@elliot the kid loves the animal shaped ones but they do not stay closed

bitch about products 

ziptop silicone storage containers don't

@nixCraft @irene strong "contractually obligated to provide a speaking role" energy

@evntdrvn @kf which is why they're only available in Vancouver, parts of the island, and Calgary

@evntdrvn @kf sadly this is the norm. my partner works for a company that sends their kits in insulated bags with clip-top reusable containers that are collected at each pickup, but this means lots of logistics

proud to say I'm the first nsfw account on (this post has been fact-checked by absolutely nobody)

Another statistic: Maternal death rates in the US have more than doubled in the last 30 years. I’d be safer giving birth in China, Vietnam or Libya at this point.

@koronkebitch there was a bird site account that posted script excerpts of women character intros and it was about as depressing as you'd imagine

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