There’s a great post for the supernerds in the room that goes into the nature of “dithering” and even explains the algorithmic nudges Atkinson Dithering uses to achieve its distinctive look:

These days, dithering is usually encountered as an affectation or an artifact; we’ve got ridiculously high res deep color displays on our *wrists*. Back in the 80s when Atkinson was doing some of his most memorable work, though, it was the cutting edge of image display optimization.

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A colleague is organizing a workshop at SPLASH, blurb below:

Interested in Aliasing? Capabilities? Ownership?

Already working on a problem, or just have an insight to share? Lucky you: the CfP for IWACO'23 is out!

We accept papers on work-in-progress, novel ideas and open questions. Find out more:

👀 #TIL Monopoly wasn't invented by the Parker Brothers, nor the man they gave it credit for. In 1904, Monopoly was originally called The Landlord's Game, and was invented by a radical woman. Elizabeth Magie's original game had not one, but two sets of rules to choose from.
One was called "Prosperity", where every player won money anytime another gained a property. And the game was won by everyone playing only when the person with the least doubled their resources. A game of collaboration and social good.
The second set of rules was called "Monopoly", where players succeeded by taking properties and rent from those with less luck rolling the dice. The winner was the person who used their power to eliminate everyone else.
Magie's mission was to teach us how different we feel when playing Prosperity vs Monopoly, hoping that it would one day change national policies.
When the Parker Bros adopted the game, they erased the "Prosperity" rules and celebrated "Monopoly".
#ElizabethMagie #Monopoly #Landlord

museum = संग्रहालय
why not संग्रहगृह
then planetarium could be गृहसंग्रहगृह
and the best planetarium would call itself आग्रगृहसंग्रहगृह


today I realized that modern English (internet English?) has a vocative case of sorts, marked with the prefix ‘@-‘, even when the program/app/medium does not actually have the mention facility. also used in speech but rarely, often as ‘don’t @ me’.

Oh there was also the person who was talking to me and my francophone colleague and apparently found some joy in saying each sentence twice, back to back, in English and French. But I mean I enjoy flaunting my multilingual competency too

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This week in ‘does my French pass as fluent’… scored 4/6 in Paris so far which I consider a success 😁 The giveaways in the other two instances were (1) ‘saucisses végétariens’ instead of ‘végétariennes’ (a rookie mistake really) and (2) pronouncing ‘des œufs’ with an f sound. My interlocutors refused to switch out of English after these grave errors.

I’ve wanted to try the TGV ever since we learned about it in French class in high school as (supposedly) the pinnacle of French engineering achievement 😅 Anyway it was great! It was pretty fast! I’m in Paris for ETAPS this week, ping me if you are too!

Mastodon ला मराठीत काय म्हणावं, काही वात्रट शब्दछल करता येईल का? ह्या प्रश्नाचं उत्तर शोधायला वर ‘हत्ती’ ला समानार्थी शब्द शोधायला गेलो. आणि सापडलं काय… @axolotl

Première en Suisse romande ! La Ville de #Lausanne va interdire la vidéosurveillance avec reconnaissance faciale dans l’espace public. Notre article présente les derniers développements. ⤵️

🎺 Scala Center's five-year impact report is here 🎺

Celebrate with us all the incredible achievements 🥳

✅ Vibrant job market
✅ Simplified user experience
✅ Responsible stakeholders
✅ Growing community

🍾 Cheers to the next five years🍾

2022 has been an excellent year for #Elsevier !

- Revenue: 2,909 £m (US$3.5 billion)
- Adjusted operating profit: 1,100 £m (US$1.3 billion)
- Margin: 37.8%

To a large extent, this 'success' was made possible by all the scholarly organizations that have helped funnel tax funds to the shareholders of the monopolist!

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