Some of Millet devs at CMU made shirts, so I had to get one. It looks so good!

This is a good link to keep track of... you know, just in case you might need a graph with 128 billion edges down the line

A nice little data structure problem for efficient reversal of contiguous subsequences:

mmap/munmap are very expensive and very not parallel, oof

Aww yeah the Liquid Types folks (few of whom I can find on the fedi yet, sadly) have started hacking Rust also

TheoretiCS, a new diamond-open-access journal in all areas of theoretical computer science:

It is being run as an overlay of arXiv, through the Episciences platform for such overlays, with Javier Esparza and Uri Zwick as editors-in-chief and a large and distinguished editorial board.

re: hot take on memory models 

AFAICT the ocaml memory model guarantees this ❤️​

and they were able to implement it with low overhead. But I wonder if it's actually portable to other languages?? OCaml boxes a lot of things, and heap boxes make it pretty easy to ensure "atomicity" in this sense.

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re: hot take on memory models 

relaxed behavior seems fine, as long as it's always "atomic" (each value read should always be a value "previously" stored).

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hot take on memory models 

I feel like the future of memory models is to achieve "data-race-free" semantics -- not in the sense of assigning good semantics to programs without data races, but rather to remove the notion of a "data race" entirely...

(noticed today that I was browsing CS slack,, typ.zulipchat, the birdsite, discord, and reddit, and enjoying each one separately for what it is)

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it's fun to be involved in many different social media platforms, even if there is overlap between them. It's like having N different group chats with the same group of friends. Each group chat can serve a different purpose, and can carry a different conversation. I like that.

I'd like to see a graph of "number of users with a mastodon link in their profile" over time.

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