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Not really sure what but definitely some gender feels, feminization, slight shock kink (?) 

Big pool of gender fluid hidden in a grove. Pink and blue mushrooms ring the edges of the pool. Gender fish and fairy shrimp slowly glide through the liquid. Somewhere above, a crow cries.

I don't recall what drew me to this place, or even how I found it. Was I out jogging in the woods? What was I doing before? Who was I? It was as if my life before coming to this grove was fading into a fog of half-remembered interactions.

My toes on my left foot suddenly felt wet. I had, without realizing it, dipped my foot into the strange water. It felt good. Cool but somehow warm at the same time. Like something I'd been missing my whole life.

I looked down at my nude form. Had I been naked when I came here? I turned my head and saw my old clothes, strewn over a large rock. They looked alien, unfamiliar. I knew, logically, I must have taken them off just moments before, but I couldn't remember having taken them off.

I waded deeper into the pool, up to my knees. The fairy shrimp kissed my toes and ankles, while small pink and blue fish began to nibble my calves. It felt like tiny pinpricks, electric and sharp, but also refreshing.

I continued wading further in, up to my breast. The water felt...electric. I felt it most around my areolae. They felt sore and tender. I looked down. Did I always have breasts like this? And my hips, were they always this....round?

I took a breath and immersed myself fully in this new aquatic world. The water reunited with itself above my crown, sealing me in its embrace. A sense of calm and peace washed over me like I had never felt. I closed my eyes. I felt as though I might drift off to sleep, such was the tranquility of this place. Yet I did not fear that I would drown if I did so. Whatever this strange pool contained, it was not a place of death. It was a place of life, and rebirth. I knew, instinctively, no harm could befall me here.

To be continued...

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Being trans is a gift and spending time with my trans friends fills my heart with joy :blue_sparkle_heart:

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Being born is like getting isekai'd if you think about it

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every friend group needs:
-a hacker
-a cat
-a goth
-someone who knows where to buy the good weed
-someone who can sew/knit
-someone well-versed in revolutionary theory
-a Druid

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I want to live inside a tiny grain of rock kilometers beneath the surface
I want to sip electricity and breathe out iron ore
I want to take a single breath over the course of millenia
Split myself into daughters over aeons
I want to be

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I guess I should do an since I just moved instances. Hi! I'm Kelly. I'm a 35-year-old transfem graduate worker doing a PhD in computational chemistry. My interests and hobbies include sewing, taking long walks, thrifting, reading theory, playing vidyagames (especially roguelikes!) and Linux. My pronouns include she/her, fae/faer, and it/its. I have a 2nd Dan black belt in Taekwondo and my favorite novel is Frankenstein.


Like, I wish I had ambition. I wish I had all the correct interests and motivations. I wish I could put in 14-hour days and was excited to go to conferences like other people. But I'm just not. I'm just a little bug who just wants to hide under her rock and be left alone. Why is that a bad thing?

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I'm tired of pretending to be a scientist. I'm going to come clean tomorrow and quit.

Okay Kelly. Let's fold this laundry, take our meds, brush our teeth, and then pass out.

mh, fatigue 

I feel just sooooo, deeply tired. And it's not getting better. I just want to stop trying at everything

<----- she likes to go to the beach and have fun even tho she knows she's going to get a little burned

Welp, I just carried three big grocery bags w no handles like a half mile and now I feel like a badass

religion, shitpost, deletion 

Every morning I wake up and

SCREAM AT GOD to unmake me

Why do we even have brains? Seems like an intentional design flaw 🤔

I promise I'm okay everyone, just getting out my morning shitposts to appease the screaming creature in my skull

shitpost, ADHD 

Every morning I wake up and


I just feel so deeply, deeply drained. But I guess I should work on my presentation today since it's coming up in like a week and a half and I'm busy tomorrow

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There are so many lovely people I'd like to visit but I don't know if I'll ever have the time or money or spoons to do so

I just can't conceive of the possibility of anyone actually being attracted by that smell. Why?!

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My apartment stinks of Old Spice. Like, it's overwhelming. WTF.


Gods I wish I were a stinkbug egg 😩

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