I know that complaining about concrete syntax is a noob move, but I'm doing a whirlwind tour of "what's new in Web frontend" and I don't understand why everyone thinks inventing their own cybernetically-augmented HTML is better than what React does (just use JSX and quasi-quote to switch to normal JavaScript). Maybe it's because I'm just too used to React? Do software developers actually prefer these Handlebars-esque templating languages?

I thought I understood Rice's theorem, but I'm having trouble reconciling that with the Wikipedia entry: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rice's

The first sentence is "Rice's theorem states that all non-trivial semantic properties of programs are undecidable." I always understood Rice's theorem in terms of properties of functions, not the programs that compute those functions. As written, the statement seems too strong. Or is "semantic" just doing a ton of work here?

It really frustrates me that we somehow collectively decided type-level metaprogramming and codegen were "magic" and too confusing, but late-binding, dynamic dispatch, ad-hoc polymorphism, and a whole bunch of other stuff were totally normal and fine

screaming crying throwing up bc of Michelle Yeoh and EEAAO Oscars sweep

What's your favorite graphical representation of a data race (broadly construed)? Looking for examples!

Now that @ivory is released, my temptation to switch entirely to Mastodon has redoubled…if only they could add the old Tweetbot themes :')

The problem is, so far, doing things my way and ignoring "the right way" has worked really well for me.

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yes this is a cross-post but it seemed so apt for this server

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(I)ntensional / (E)xtensional
(N)ominal / (S)tructural
(T)arski / (F)raenkel
(J)udgmental / (P)ropositional

it turns out that "having a TypeScript job" is just applying the Liskov substitution principle over and over in your head all day

george dantzig but instead you oversleep the part where the prof assigns you the homework and you assume it's an unsolved problem and get a zero


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