Inequality in computer science is deeply inter-related with subfield prestige, according to a new paper.

The most diverse subfields are the lowest prestige, on average, and least hired into high prestige departments.

Article by @nick @hneutr @alliecmorgan @sz @DanLarremore and @aaronclauset

[I'm not shifting Instances. Just supporting the new Indigenous Instance. And I'm still on the aus social mod team]

I've opened a second account over at to support this new Instance made for and by Indigenous peoples. With an all-Indigenous team.

My account > @WalluWurru

If that sounds like an Instance you'd be interested in, here's an invite >

#Indigenous #IndigiMastodon #FirstNations #SovereignPeoples

Racketfest, the rogue Racket conference, is on!

A delightful place to enjoy Racket and language-oriented programming

Mark your calendars: Saturday, March 18, 2023 in Berlin, Germany.

All the information you need is on will be updated as planning proceeds, but to summarize and get you fired up see the announcement on the Racket Discussions discourse:

Cricut cutting machines, ubiquitous in schools, libraries and makerspaces, can be used to make embossed or stenciled #TactileGraphics. A Braille embosser costs at least $1500 — Cricuts cost a fifth of that or less. Today I learned that I can handle the hardware and make great stencils: all that holds a Blind #maker back is a set of unlabeled controls in the software. Does anyone know somebody at #Cricut I could talk to about improving #accessibility? Boosters beloved on this one!

Researchers looking at anti-harassment, whiteness in tech, community-led design, queer software, social networks, etc ...

Here's a draft partial history of Mastodon, with links to a lot of primary sources, framed by perspectives from @schock and @shengokai

Feedback welcome -- and feel free to use however!

FYI @ubiquity75 @safiyanoble @gleemie @cfiesler @natematias @owasow @andresmh @wbm312 @sjjphd @timnitGebru @emilymbender @olivia @cyberlyra @markcmarino @asb

Purdy the cat (sorry the matador client won’t let me enter image description) 

Purdy the cat

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Racket Advent of Code leaderboard (long) 

@spdegabrielle @samphillips A small edit: we recommend `plait` instead of `PLAI-Typed` these days (it's newer). Also, the credit for the languages should go to Matthew Flatt, not me!


In conclusion, as you can plainly see, the one thing Mastodon desperately needs is a torment nexus.

in the past week tiktok has created its own currency based on cat toes and tumblr has created an entire alternate history about a film that doesn't exist and I just really love the internet

The computer science department at Brown University is hiring faculty in HCI this year in "Human-computer interaction, including HCI+AI, and socially-responsible computing in HCI, especially explored through multiple methodologies."

The post is here:

The department has been growing, and has had an emphasis on socially responsible computing. Brown is in Providence, a city with great lifestyle and terrific arts/food scene, and the application deadline is December 1.

Racket Advent of Code leaderboard (long) 

Thanks to
@samphillips we have an inclusive Racket leaderboard for AoC

Sam posted the details here: (not a walled garden so you don need an account to view the page).

Why inclusive?
Any language in the Racket ecosystem is allowed on our leaderboard, including languages that target other platforms like Urlang (aka Javascript with sane (parenthetical) syntax)

You could try

Choose the language(s) that suits the problem - you don’t have to pick just one.

OR take the ‘Language-Oriented Programming’ approach and make your own language(s):

Thanks to @Eutro for the advent-of-code package to download puzzle inputs and post solutions:


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