Retained mode graphics APIs and functional programming: heaven or hell?

Unapologetically boosting this because it's a nice story about a kid who fell in love with computing through @PyretLang (which runs fine on 6yo computers) and now runs his own education program. Go Isaac!

- earth is not going to become overpopulated. this is a malthusian myth used to hold up white supremacy
- space colonies and the "final frontier" are language used to romanticize colonialism, being used to romanticize colonialism
- doing resource exploitation and extraction "but in space" is not going to fix our addiction to ruining our planet

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fuck space. fuck space colonies. fuck "going to the stars". fuck linear narratives about human progression that assume humans will go to space (and linear narratives about human progression in general). fuck space hotels. fuck leaving literal shit on other planets. fuck human space flight. fuck NASA. and fuck SpaceX.

@gvwilson Let's name the state: Texas.

Sorry, Austin TX, I know it's tough to be you right now, and I used to enjoy visiting you, but for this and so many other reasons, I won't regret it if I never set foot in Texas ever again.

Florida, no worries, you were already on the no-travel list.

I will not be attending SciPy 2023 - I cannot in good conscience spend money in a state (Texas) that is trying to erase members of my family.

Given that writing comments is harder than writing code, has anyone tried using LLM-based systems to write comments?

Only 149 days till international gibbon day!

Take a moment to learn about our cousins - they truly are wonderful.

The narrative of "kids are depressed because of phones/screentime" is so enticing for adults because it lets us off the hook for our myriad failures: the environment, creating a socual safety net, gun violence, racism, sexism, hate directed at LGBTQIA people, etc, etc.

Youth are rational actors. They see the mess we are creating, and know they have no choice but to live in it.

And: adults have also failed to create a humane and ethical tech industry!

But sure - blame kids for phone use.

Do you remember the bad old days of programming, using languages like Perl and (old) Javascript? Simple and intuitive type conversions, so that in JS `[1, 2, 10].sort() === [1, 10, 2]`. Dynamic scope. Languages that proudly display mistakes that were fixed in the 1970s and 80s.

Then things started to get better. Perl is basically dead. Javascript is only partly insane. Newer languages like Scala, Swift, Rust, and Kotlin just avoided that mess and moved things into the 1990s or even (gasp) later.

Then the YAML engineer came along and dared to ask "What if we brought all that bullshit back?"

People who doubt the power of programming languages can't explain why Erlang is taking Manchester City on a magical run this season.

(Before you at me, there's no `i' in Team, and there's no `i' in Erlang, either.)

WESTWARD HO!: station has now reopened. The penguins are all fine.

Given a choice on timestamp formats, engineers will always choose poorly.

RT Congratulations and community on a major new release! 🥳

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