Do you hear that Racket train a-coming? Here it comes: Racketfest on March 18! We’re up to eight talks so far. Come join us!

@wilbowma speaking of, today I was just showing someone; is there something better than that for putting CS content on the web?

Zotero just informed me that a paper in my database has been retracted. What an excellent feature for a reference management system to have! As if I needed additional reasons to love Zotero even more than I already did 🤩

I wonder if this code is bitrotted yet or if it still works raco pkg install cur-lib

racket-mode’s improvements are major improvements to Cur

@pigworker “Conor’s not here so he can’t stop me from naming it this.” Got a big laugh

i don't know why people think they need stable diffusion to make pictures for their slides… i made this drawing for a presentation 14 years ago, and it should be good enough for anyone

If you want to know the state of Rust, though, I’m waiting for the docs to build on so I can link to the particularly evil bits and gloat but we’re currently item 100 in the build queue and 90 of the crates ahead of us have names starting with “bitcoin,” I kid you not.

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can mozilla leave the firefox toolbar alone for like 3 months at least please im begging

OCaml syntax is fine. It has grit and gumption

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This is just to say

I have painted
the shed
that was housing
your bike

and whose
colour you
liked a bit

Forgive me
this feature proposal
had changes to
the language syntax

Just saw this

Ben L. Titzer wrote:

The WebAssembly Community Group voted to advance tail calls to Phase 4! That means it will now be merged into the standard! Woohoo! A great day for FP.

Today is the day we honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and legacy,?/!: I want to do so by uplifting one of the geniuses he helped inspire: Stevie Wonder. Though he’s one of the most gifted and important artists to have ever created popular music, Stevie’s legacy as a tireless and fearless advocate for justice may he even more powerful, and is too often overlooked. We should heed every word he says. (Full post here: )

fedi meta, connecting with actual solutions 

@jenn literally, ask questions.

There's even built in polling on this platform, so data can be collected consentfully.

Good ideas percolate (via boosting) to those who listen. And asking questions is an excellent tool for actively listening. Did I mention asking questions?

And not "ask questions that confirm existing bias and assumptions once you find An Opinion That Justifies Your Presuppositions" really heckin excavate this stuff, listen to diverse perspectives, and spend time digesting what is said.

That's the way forward, to dissolve the expectation that people are a data source, and start building meaningful connections with others.

In the process you learn that the old way you expected is #colonialism, and you can decide what to do about that on a personal level.

For folks who want to analyze your cycling or triathlon data without paying for a corporate service that you can't trust, I suggest GoldenCheetah, a Free Software program that also allows you to opt-in to contribute your fitness data to science.

I've been using GoldenCheetah for 2 years now, and it's saved me.... oh right, I don't know because Strava doesn't disclose its prices!

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The Trolley Problem is that we have roads and cars and we don't have any fucking trolleys.

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