mh/loneliness rant 

love how i have a nervous breakdown whenever i try to work on my research that i haven't touched in months and also know like literally one person from my uni and haven't really met anyone who cares about cs as anything other than its manifestation in industry as a stagnant and undisciplined engineering field

time to have more breakdowns about how i'm stagnating and not learning any of the things i care about when i could probably just... read some books and learn things

i want to blame it on my lack of a peer community but i'm honestly just an undisciplined mess but also i want to believe that if I actually had other people to think collectively with about things I care about i'd be able to engage effectively with them again and achieve something that would give me a sense of personal satisfaction for once

being on this dot programming language instance will finally give me the power I need to fix the rustc trait solver so it doesn't use very exponential memory whilst trying to compile my code

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