Defederated from due to admins posting a video of a Nazi targeted at an instance full of people of color.

I genuinely can't believe that this is controversial.

@systemf wait what? I’ve tried to check what’s going on and I’m confused, you mean the Torba video?

@systemf …just looking down the thread I see there’s more than I’m missing so I guess I’ll be wary about that

@systemf Holy crap what. I'm looking through their public timeline but can't find this, can I get a link? I have seen users from there around my TL so I definitely want to block them if this is the case

@systemf (Someone else linked me the message, I got it, thank you for the info)

@socks @systemf I run this account so it's not actually someone else

@hazel @systemf I was actually talking about someone else on a DM, sorry for being unclear

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