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anyway that's all the effort i'm willing to do right now. just use a different email please

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meta, transphobia 

We are defederating with kolektiva.social.

types.pl is a relatively small instance, and we have no mutuals there, so this is not a particularly potent change to our community.

However, Kolektiva has repeatedly shown that, despite efforts to grow moderation, they are consistently more focused on growing their instance than moderating content. Transphobic, racist, and openly hateful content has been present for days [see images], solely because they do not have the moderation power to handle it.

This falls under the "I will personally blast you into the sun" clause of the types.pl CoC, and therefore we are doing just that.

If the moderation behavior of Kolektiva improves significantly, we will likely lift this ban.

Since it's overly complicated, here's how you enable formatted toots:

1. Go to "app settings" in the web app and select "Show content-type choice when authoring toots"
2. Click the icon next to the globe to select either Markdown or HTML formatting.
3. If you want this to be permanent and also work on mobile apps like Tusky or Toot!, go to Preferences -> Profile -> Other and change "Default format for toots".


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