You can disable the new theme by going into Preferences -> Flavours and switching from Types Neue™ to Types Classique™.

Types Neue™ is graciously provided by @oat.

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Any issues with the new theme have been fixed. (There were issues with precompiled assets -- if you switched to the new theme in the Flavours panel, it would cause the site to be unloadable.)

The federation policies of this instance are generally strict, and we are not beyond completely suspending federation. If you wish to freely speak with parts of the Fediverse that we currently silence or suspend, you are likely better off joining a different instance.

Show thread has been silenced and not suspended since the beginning of this instance.

The rhetoric for this is primarily based on the fact that due to the intersection in subject matter, it is occasionally useful to federate.

However, in the light of recent events regarding Fosstodon moderation and racism, we urge any users with mutual followers on Fosstodon to convince them to change instances, and any Fosstodon users reading this post to change instances as well. This is, of course, under the assumption that you are willing to condemn the circumstances that caused issues like this in the first place.

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on 2020-12-23 (Wednesday, or "tomorrow") at 6PM EST. No more than an hour of downtime is expected.

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getting banned from for power glitching the typechecker

The character limit has been raised to 32767. (because toots are short and inherently signed)

Some notes:
- Don't spam please! Only use the extended character limit if you have to
- If you do spam, I will delete the toot and take action

Should we raise the character limit?

Removed @hazel as a default follow because it was making them uncomfortable with so many new users.

Also note that for instances not running glitch-soc, the fork of Mastodon that runs, users will see the raw Markdown.

Finally, if you're posting code, please put a content warning on it -- screen readers hate trying to speak code.

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Since it's overly complicated, here's how you enable formatted toots:

1. Go to "app settings" in the web app and select "Show content-type choice when authoring toots"
2. Click the icon next to the globe to select either Markdown or HTML formatting.
3. If you want this to be permanent and also work on mobile apps like Tusky or Toot!, go to Preferences -> Profile -> Other and change "Default format for toots".

Because people have asked, no, the name of this account is not a systemd joke. It's a reference to the polymorphic lambda calculus.

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