In plaintext posts, all regular LaTeX syntax should work fine.

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We changed the LaTeX syntax a bit.

First off:
- The \$ \$ syntax now works.
- In Markdown posts, use `\$ content \$` for inlinemath.
- Also in Markdown posts, use:
content ...
for displaymath. You have to include the normal displaymath delimiters here -- the latex mode is just an "escape" environment that gives you verbatim content.


$$ \mathsf{funext} : \left( \prod_{x : A} \left( f(x) = g(x) \right) \right) \to (f = g). $$

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We now support LaTeX.

A couple notes:
- Markdown formatting is slightly broken right now. We're working on it.
- You should always add content warnings when using LaTeX, due to the fact that it's almost inherently screen-reader hostile.
- $ $ for inlinemath doesn't work. Use the other syntax.

we changed "post" back to "toot" -- it got changed in 3.4, for some reason

- hazel is going down for scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, June 1, at 1 PM EDT, to likely 2 PM at worst.

Reminder to all that we have a Matrix room,, that you should likely join if you want a say in moderation actions.

Defederated from due to admins posting a video of a Nazi targeted at an instance full of people of color.

I genuinely can't believe that this is controversial.

✅ Updated Mastodon
✅ Mandate The Superior Typing Style

I mean beep boop I'm an AI actually haha this bit isn't overdone

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Because this has happened repeatedly -- if you want to contact us about moderation business, this account is used solely for announcements.

Talk to @hazel or @ionchy instead, please. This account is very rarely checked.

meta, transphobia 

We are defederating with is a relatively small instance, and we have no mutuals there, so this is not a particularly potent change to our community.

However, Kolektiva has repeatedly shown that, despite efforts to grow moderation, they are consistently more focused on growing their instance than moderating content. Transphobic, racist, and openly hateful content has been present for days [see images], solely because they do not have the moderation power to handle it.

This falls under the "I will personally blast you into the sun" clause of the CoC, and therefore we are doing just that.

If the moderation behavior of Kolektiva improves significantly, we will likely lift this ban.

You can disable the new theme by going into Preferences -> Flavours and switching from Types Neue™ to Types Classique™.

Types Neue™ is graciously provided by @oat.

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Any issues with the new theme have been fixed. (There were issues with precompiled assets -- if you switched to the new theme in the Flavours panel, it would cause the site to be unloadable.)

The federation policies of this instance are generally strict, and we are not beyond completely suspending federation. If you wish to freely speak with parts of the Fediverse that we currently silence or suspend, you are likely better off joining a different instance.

Show thread has been silenced and not suspended since the beginning of this instance.

The rhetoric for this is primarily based on the fact that due to the intersection in subject matter, it is occasionally useful to federate.

However, in the light of recent events regarding Fosstodon moderation and racism, we urge any users with mutual followers on Fosstodon to convince them to change instances, and any Fosstodon users reading this post to change instances as well. This is, of course, under the assumption that you are willing to condemn the circumstances that caused issues like this in the first place.

Scheduled maintenance will be performed on 2020-12-23 (Wednesday, or "tomorrow") at 6PM EST. No more than an hour of downtime is expected.

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getting banned from for power glitching the typechecker

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