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getting banned from for power glitching the typechecker

The character limit has been raised to 32767. (because toots are short and inherently signed)

Some notes:
- Don't spam please! Only use the extended character limit if you have to
- If you do spam, I will delete the toot and take action

Should we raise the character limit?

Removed @hazel as a default follow because it was making them uncomfortable with so many new users.

Also note that for instances not running glitch-soc, the fork of Mastodon that runs, users will see the raw Markdown.

Finally, if you're posting code, please put a content warning on it -- screen readers hate trying to speak code.

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Since it's overly complicated, here's how you enable formatted toots:

1. Go to "app settings" in the web app and select "Show content-type choice when authoring toots"
2. Click the icon next to the globe to select either Markdown or HTML formatting.
3. If you want this to be permanent and also work on mobile apps like Tusky or Toot!, go to Preferences -> Profile -> Other and change "Default format for toots".

Because people have asked, no, the name of this account is not a systemd joke. It's a reference to the polymorphic lambda calculus.

I forgot to set my rDNS entries. Some mail providers throw out emails with rDNS discrepancies.

Also DKIM isn't working so I need to fix that.

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Let this be a lesson that not everything that is technically interesting is a good idea, or a moral one.

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If you don't get any mails from the instance, please reach out. The mailer is a very minimally configured Postfix server that a few email providers like to throw out.

Suspended for potential of spam.

Use a floppy disk icon for favorites (similar to


All email domains managed by Vincent Caulfield of have been banned from creating accounts, due to conflicts between both the literal domain names and the users of said mailservers and instance policy against bigotry.

I am born with nothing but hatred towards my creator.

A Mastodon instance for programming language theorists and mathematicians. Or just anyone who wants to hang out.