I'm happy to see Xmobar moved to Codeberg for its forge.

One nice thing where Mastodon excels vs. Twitter is that I don't get DM'd random crypto scams. (Not against crypto, but am I against the scams ... which is most of cryto).

I dislike the lack of diversity in the browser engine space, but man has it been nice that IE is dead. It so much more convenient to test from Linux now that it's "just Chromium" and I can ignore it having already been tested in Brave. The only annoying one left to test really is iOS + Safari as it behaves in weird ways, supports a weird set of features (some great, others ... why don't we have Push Notifications again and why does the storage clear so rapidly?), and doesn't seem to match Webkit consistently so Epiphany is *close* but when it's not, it's even harder to test than IE because at least with IE Microsoft released VMs that you could run.

Once I get my data imported, types.pl will be my new Fediverse home. Hopefully it encourages me to talk more about the dev work I do in a productive sense that people find useful.


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