Yep, same! Back in the UK, I mostly wore pants, and only wore shorts occasionally -- mostly when I was really young. Since coming to Singapore, it's pretty much flipped the other way around. I guess it's the temperature.

I went from never wearing shorts—owning just 2 pairs—and wearing pants no matter the temperature to now having 5 pairs of pants that I wear on the three ‘cold’ days in SEA. Shorts every day; they’re comfy and easy to wear.

Microsoft GitHub locks searching a projects code behind authentication. Results show `?` and clicking takes you to a login. You shouldn't be required to have an Microsoft account to search LGPL code.

Pro-tip: if you value freedom and accessibility, move your code base elsewhere

GitHub did something.

SourceHut is still fully operational; and that will also be the case the next time GitHub does something.

Watch "How Quantum Computers Break The Internet... Starting Now" on YouTube

One of my prouder accomplishments the last couple of years has been setting up a system to keep this air quality in the house the whole day.

OpenSSH should have have a "CompressionAlgorithms" option. I want LZ4 for local/fast networks and Zstandard for slow ones. Manpage suggest no compression locally, but LZ4 is super lightweight (popular for disk compression) and "Compression yes" only supports Gzip according to the manpage but the algorithm is fully supplanted by Brotli (would be great for shell session) and Zstandard (general usage).

Just a heads up that the #homemanager installation instructions for standalone #nix flake setups have been updated. The initial installation is now reduced to pretty much

nix run home-manager/master -- init --switch

See for more.

One of my favorite snubs in software is Nix just ignoring Windows' existence.

Okay it was down for like 5 minutes, but the "host elsewhere" sentiment remains.

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Microsoft GitHub is down again lol. Please host your code elsewhere.

Today I had the pleasure of explaining how and when to break English rules and purposefully use 'split infinitive' to a Thai friend.

Want: GTK themes with default black backgrounds for maximal OLED readability. Not dark gray, not *cool* or *warm* gray, black.

Setup an XMPP server on postmarketOS on my old OnePlus 1. Good use of CPU not doing much.

I want OpenWRT, but to be Nix Linux instead of OpenBSD. Config files feel weird now compared to Nix.

@toastal Sometimes I think 99% JS programmers must be forced into re-education. Just yesterday I had a review meeting with a certain frontend team that neglected literally every principle of web development (starting from content and code separation — page content embedded in JS files) and also imported chunks of code from open-source projects without attribution. None of those were juniors in terms of experience.
What is that with that community that it has so many people who are blatantly incompetent and have no idea of it? </rant>

The and related communities have the worst READMEs. They contain so much content that you can't read without rendering, but often use elements with no regards to semantics--which is ironic since these folks should have the best understand of what makes for a good UX (fast, semantic, accessible, not cluttered).

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