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Some Vancouver radio station has been playing 'Killing in the Name' for hours and hours now, and this golf popped up in the thread about it

Home for the summer, 9掳C and rain. Miss me with that 30掳C sunny weather

I keep my phone on grayscale most of the time (less interesting visually, less addictive hopefully). But every now and then I need to look at a picture and uffff, the V I B R A N C Y

sorry I haven't been very active on social media, my mental health has been exceptionally well lately

Things have... finally quieted down a bit 鈽猴笍

Every day you could be sucked into an alternate timeline where like, the napkins in your house are folded slightly differently and you would never know (except I do, I swear they weren't always like this!!)

My 鈥淣ot involved in BUYING crypto. Not involved in MINING it either鈥 T-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt.

Remember to export your properties whenever you define them. Marx would not like it if you kept a property private.

Woke up in time for the hotel breakfast. An achievement honestly

>me: looks like the fault
( 鈥鈥)>鈱愨枲-鈻
was localized

~90% of my writing process is coming up with a punny title

It's funny when watching TV that we're not watching people, we're watching characters... and often archetypical ones. So "why is he mean" is not really a valid question, it's just how he's supposed to be

We did it! With 10 minutes to spare even!

5 hours or so left, and we actually have something that looks like a paper.

types dot pee ell vibes are leaking out, I love to see it

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