PSA @wilbowma, Dwarf Fortress is out on Steam! A lot smoother to run now :D

In the land of computing, long ago, there was a great need for a new programming language, one that was powerful and elegant, and able to handle the complex tasks that were required of it. And so, a group of brave and wise programmers set out on a quest to create such a language, a quest that would take them to the very limits of their knowledge and skill.

These programmers, known as the Haskellians, traveled far and wide, studying the ancient languages of the computing world, and learning from the greatest masters of the art. They delved deep into the mysteries of algorithms and data structures, seeking to unlock the secrets of efficient and expressive code.

As they journeyed, the Haskellians faced many challenges and obstacles, from the treacherous bugs that lurked in the shadows, to the fearsome dragons of complexity that guarded the gates of the most advanced techniques. But they did not falter, for they knew that the reward for their efforts would be a language that was truly worthy of the tasks that it was meant to perform.

At last, after many years of hard work and dedication, the Haskellians reached their goal, and the Haskell programming language was born. It was a language like no other, with a beauty and power that surpassed even the wildest dreams of its creators.

The Haskellians celebrated their great achievement, and their names became legend in the land of computing. And as the years passed, the Haskell language continued to grow and evolve, becoming a powerful tool that was used by programmers throughout the world, and helping to advance the art and science of computing in ways that were unimaginable in the days of its creation.

- ChatGPT

Fake nostalgia/rose tinted glasses/we 

I miss the glorious phase between when books were cheap enough for everyone to when TV/other media supplanted them.

Just kinda wish books/reading was more popular. I think part of it is rebellion against hollywood: you can’t pump hundreds of millions of dollars into a bad plot and make it popular, it has to have *some* merit.

Going live with more Advent of Code in Haskell in 5 minutes! Yesterday we helped the elves collect some starfruit... what are we doing today? Find out at

> me, trying to improve my swedish: "I'll talk Swedish to the students!"
> also me at 8am after 4 hours of sleep TAing: oh no

Dear JS developers, stop trying to make `fetch()` happen, it’s not gonna happen

Thanksgiving food pic 

Made a Thanksgiving tribute meal, stuffing and all. Looking delish!! 🦃🦃

HUGE: GUI apps are now generally available via WSL 2. I can now run emacs from a docker, with all the Z3 etc. dependencies directly installed... on Windows! No more dual booting :D

I kinda love the vibe that every niche has it's mastodon instance. If you want to know what's happening in that field, you can just browse the local posts. No need for lists and following massive amounts of stuff.

You wouldn’t belive it, but this little cutie is fast becoming a crucial piece of Icelandic infrastructure 🥹

Gonna set up a stream with a crt effect. No self-view window, but I’ll be there as a reflection in the screen

I didn’t think this level of engagement was even possible, the fediverse has come a long way!!

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