If you quit now, you will lose all unsaved progress

Reading about paleoshorelines -> cascadia earthquakes and got worried about all my west coast PLers. Stay safe y’all!!

We are happy to announce the availability of Haskell Playground at play.haskell.org <- take 5 minutes to try and play!
Thank you, Tom Smeding, for your significant work on this project! #Haskell #FP

Like, a proper bath, not a shower. Just float there for a few minutes

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Anytime I hear about some new physical phenomena, I immediately think: CAN THIS BE USED FOR COMPUTE??

Dad won’t go to the gym because of how heavy and exhausting everything there is… missing the point a bit 😅

Facebook is 19 years old. 19 years prior was 1985, the year SUPER MARIO BROS was released. Crazy how things evolved so fast, and then just… kinda stopped?

In his #BOBkonf2023 talk "Structuring effectful programs", Andres Löh briefly introduces monad transformers and algebraic effects in Haskell and examines how programs can be structured to make the choice between these approaches largely irrelevant.

Read more: bobkonf.de/2023/loeh.html

New Haskell Interlude just dropped!! We interviewed our very own @agdakx on Agda and stuffs. Enjoy!!


You joined Mastodon LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AGO (if MORE the vote on mamot.fr/@jz/10959735850563652 instead) and you are currently residing in...?

Please boost for wider, more federated sample!

(PS: sorry for imperfect partitioning of the world in only 4 zones...)

Why would superman be so buff?? Like, he can’t really do any gym with his super strength, he’d probably be super skinny but still strong, you know?

Radiohead captured the imaginations of a generation with their outlandish fantasy of an "ok computer"

Ironic: just impulse bought a book on self-control

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